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Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Scotch Glassware 

While drinking whiskey, your choice of glassware affects the whole sensory experience. Glassware specially designed for whiskey can elevate the entire drinking experience as it enhances the taste and the aroma. 

However, many people don’t know the cleaning and maintenance procedures of scotch glassware. Wrong cleaning procedures can damage and contaminate whiskey glasses.

If you love drinking whiskey and want your special glasses spick and span, this comprehensive guide is for you!


While washing scotch glassware, make sure you consider the following points. 

Always wash brand-new scotch glasses before use. You should use lukewarm water to clean the glasses since hot water can break the glass. Filtered lukewarm water is the best since it helps prevent the formation of spots and cloudiness. 

Detergent and soap are not required or recommended for cleaning scotch glassware. The chemical compounds present in them can cling to the glass and lend a strange odor you’ll indeed smell when sipping your drink. If you strongly feel the need to use some cleaning solution, use very mild liquid soap only. 

It is always recommended to handwash your scotch glassware individually. Handwashing is also preferred by a lot of people because they feel more in control and like the sensory experience, it gives them.  

Furthermore, handwashing helps prevent the fading of engraved or etched designs on scotch glassware and personalized whiskey glasses.  

If you don’t want to bother with handwashing, consider getting a dedicated glasswasher that is specially designed to clean glasses. It makes for very modern additions to kitchens and can offer convenience. 

While washing scotch glassware in a glasswasher, make sure you use a glass rack instead of a plate rack or a flatware rack. It should be set at a low temperature with the rinse aid topped up. 

Never use the dishwasher to wash your scotch glassware. Physical impacts can break the glass due to mechanical shock. Furthermore, the temperature changes can also lead to the breakage of the scotch glassware. 


It is always recommended to air dry scotch glassware in drying trays or racks which are designed for them.  

The glasses should be turned upside down to let the excess water drip down. Avoid using bar towels or extra fibrous towels since they can cause lint, grease or tiny fabric pieces to stick to the glass.  

If necessary, use crystal microfibre or a soft dry glass cloth to dry and remove watermarks. 

Don’t stack wet glasses which haven’t fully dried. This can trap water which will become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause contamination. Physically, it also creates more potential for breakage due to mechanical shock. 

Some glass washers also have a drying function which can be used to dry and sanitize your scotch glassware. 


Have a dedicated space for storing your scotch glassware.  

You can use compartmentalized boxes or glass jacks with individual slots for each glass. Delicate and stemmed glasses should be stored in a single layer in a space that promotes air circulation. 

Arrange the glassware in such a way that the rims of the individual glasses don’t come in contact with each other. 

Use shelf liners to provide a smooth surface for your glassware. 

Never keep the glasses in a storage box!


While using whiskey glasses you should make sure not to scoop ice with the glass itself. Place the ice inside the glass using tongs or an ice scoop. 

Final Tips 

It is always best to store your normal glassware and scotch glassware separately. Try to invest in good quality scotch glassware that will last you a long time. Handle your prized scotch glassware with the care it deserves. If you’re mindful of all the tips we’ve listed, your drinks will always seem dignified and irresistible!

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