Gun Safety: The 5 Essentials New Gun Owners Need to Know

Gun owners
Gun Safety: The 5 Essentials New Gun Owners Need to Know

Did you recently purchase a gun? Or are you a gun owner who wants to make sure you take the proper safety precautions?

Guns possess many safety features, but accidents can happen. Technology isn’t perfect, and we aren’t either. So it’s important to understand the gun safety essentials.

This guide will help you understand the five essentials that new gun owners need to know about gun safety.

1) Understand How Your Gun Works

Understanding how your gun works is the first step. Knowing the parts and features of your gun, its function, and proper maintenance is key for safety.

Before you engage in shooting activities with your new gun, always check that it is unloaded. Make sure all external safety mechanisms are working. You should be familiar with the gun’s safety features and how to disengage them to shoot a round. 

You should also learn basic gun handling rules like always keeping the muzzle pointed in a direction without people. You should also avoid putting your finger on the trigger if you’re not shooting. Finally, never aim at anything that you don’t intend to shoot. 

2) Always Keep Your Gun Unloaded Until Ready to Use

You should always keep your guns unloaded until ready to use. This is an important rule that you should keep in mind at all times. This is not only important for personal safety, but the safety of others as well.

Always remember to check the chamber of your gun for any live rounds before you even pick up the firearm. And never assume that a gun is unloaded when given to you; always check for yourself. 

3) Store Your Gun Responsibly

You need to understand that the safe storage of firearms is an essential part of owning a gun. You need to store your gun in a secure place, away from children and those unfamiliar with firearm safety. A locked gun safe or other locked container designed specifically for firearms is the only safe way to store guns.

Ammunition like the 5.56MM nato ammo, should also be in a separate locked container or a location out of reach for an unauthorized user. Use a trigger lock or gun lock to ensure that the firearm is inoperable.

4) Regularly Scheduling Gun Maintenance Procedures

Gun maintenance is an essential responsibility for proper gun safety that all gun owners must adhere to. Regularly scheduling gun maintenance procedures can prevent accidents from occurring.

You should clean your guns every time you use them and inspect them for wear and tear regularly. Correcting any issues identified in the maintenance check is crucial. If necessary, you should take the gun to a gunsmith for service and repair. 

5) Learn and Follow All Applicable Laws and Regulations

You need to research the gun laws and regulations in your local area. This will help you determine what type of permits are required and where and how a gun can be legally transported. Then, make sure that you follow all applicable laws. 

Gun Safety Should Always Be a Priority

Gun safety is a critical responsibility for all gun owners. Knowing the five essentials is key to the safe operation of firearms. As a new gun owner, practice these essentials to stay safe and never forget to follow the laws of your state or locality.

Do not just go about buying a gun for fun. Make sure you get the proper firearm safety training and set a great example for those around you.

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