Hair Loss in Women: Causes & At Home Treatment Options

If you are like most women, then your hair is definitely more than simply a group of fibers attached to your scalp. Nobody can deny the fact that all women love their hair immensely and that they don’t want to have any problems with it. Yet, problems can still happen and they appear to be far more common than what you might have thought.

A lot of women are dealing with hair loss these days, whether temporarily or permanently. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening and a lot of causes of the issue, but the truth is that you can, in fact, find the right product for hair regrowth in women and solve the issue, if you are only persistent enough. Let us not, however, talk about those products now.

The first thing we need to talk about are actually the causes of this problem. Once you get familiar with the causes, you will realize that there are some kinds of behaviors that can actually make this issue worse and merely putting a stop to those might be of great help. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are to blame for your hair loss. It simply means that you can stop the problem by changing certain habits, which is extremely important.

Now, you shouldn’t get the impression that changing some of your habits is always enough. While that might be enough for certain minor issues, it definitely won’t solve some more serious problems. In other words, hair regrowth products might be a necessity in most instances, but we will get to that part later. For now, let us stick to those causes that I have mentioned.


The very first thing you should understand that there is actually no single cause for this particular problem. What does that mean exactly? Well, to put things simply, you and your friend might have the same issue and it might be caused for completely different things. Plus, this also means that there might be a few different causes to the same problem and those are not always easy to pinpoint and determine.

For starters, your genes could be the cause of the issue. Then, some hormonal imbalances could be the reason of your hair loss, which is why most doctors usually advise testing for thyroid problems. Some other hormonal imbalances might be the reason as well, which is why you shouldn’t limit yourself simply to thyroid testing. Go here to check out some other reasons.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another possible cause of hair loss, because this syndrome can definitely mess up your hormones. Of course, there are a lot of other signs and symptoms of this particular disease, but the truth is that hair loss can sometimes be the only visible cause, at least in the early stages. That is one more reason for you to consult your doctor and undergo extensive examinations when you notice that your hair is getting thinner.

A weakened immune system is definitely high on the list of hair loss causes. The good news is that the problem isn’t permanent if this is the cause. Once you properly boost your immune system and bring things back to normal, you will notice that your hair is growing back. Keep in mind, though, that it also takes time to bring this back to normal.

Certain pills and medicines that you might be taking in order to treat one medical condition or another can also affect your strands negatively. This might be inevitable for most people, because you cannot exactly jeopardize your health by deciding not to take the medicine that helps you overcome certain problems. What you can do in these instances is take some of those regrowth products that I have mentioned above.

Apart from certain medical conditions, the things that you eat and drink can also be a trigger for hair loss. This is the part that you can solve without having to use and growth products. Of course, those products might give you the push in the right direction that you need while also changing your dietary habits to solve the problem.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is stress level. It should be completely logical to everyone that stress can definitely be a huge trigger for hair loss. Now, I’m not talking only about experiencing specific and temporary traumatic moments, although that can certainly be the trigger. But, I am also talking about the chronic stress that builds up over time. While I understand that this might be a cliché, my advice is to do your best to lower the level of stress and pressure you are under day after day.

Treatment Options

As hair loss in women is becoming more common than ever, scientists and researchers are frequently inventing new treatment options. This is a good thing, because it not only gives you hope that your issue will be solved, but it also gives you the opportunity to choose among various different options of treatment. In other words, there isn’t just one single solution that you can rely on. Instead, you can choose the one that you believe might be best for you.

Here is more about hair loss in women:

Unsurprisingly, there are both invasive and non-invasive treatment methods that you can take into consideration. There are also some home remedies that you can try in order to easily. I won’t be talking about surgeries and similar methods today. Instead, I will focus on things that you can do right there at the comfort of your home in order to successfully promote hair growth.

Scalp Massage

This is probably the cheapest and the easiest method for getting thicker hair. The best part is, there are no possible side effects. You have probably heard about scalp massage before, but you might not be sure how to do it precisely and that’s what I am here for. No, I’m not going to offer free scalp massages. I’m simply going to teach you how to do it yourself.

The whole process definitely isn’t difficult, nor is it complicated. Here is what you should do. While washing your hair, focus on gently applying pressure all around your scalp with your fingertips. This will help encourage proper blood flow which will certainly promote hair growth. If you feel that your fingertips cannot do the trick, you can invest in a scalp massager.


As I have explained above, your diet can have a huge impact on your hair loss, meaning that you will have to pay attention to what you are ingesting. In addition to paying attention to the food that you are eating, you might also want to consider investing in certain multivitamins that might help you make up for the nutrients that your body is lacking. There are a lot of nutrients that you can intake through food, meaning that you definitely need to worry about what it is that you are eating.

Yet, it goes without saying that you simply cannot intake all the nutrients you need through food and that is why you might need to supplement for those by taking certain multivitamins. It would be a wise idea to consult your doctor on this in order to know exactly which vitamins to take. Multivitamins can definitely help improve your overall health in addition to helping promote the growth of your hair.

Hair Regrowth Products

Of course, we cannot forget to mention that there are a lot of regrowth products on the market that you can use in order to solve this particular problem. A lot of manufacturers have invented their own products aimed at promoting hair growth and thickening the strands. Most of those products have been thoroughly tested and proved to be able to help.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should just buy the first thing you come across, because there’s no denying the fact that there might be some less than good products that won’t actually help you. I suppose that you don’t really want to waste your money on certain treatment types that won’t be able to solve your hair loss issues. After all, nobody likes to waste their money on products that won’t help them and I assume that you are no different.

So, what is it that you can do in order to ensure that the products you are buying are of perfect quality and that they will actually be able to help you resolve the problem? Well, there are a couple of things you should do and all of those things are connected to the shopping process. Let me quickly tell you what I am talking about.

First of all, you will have to make sure that you are choosing a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer to buy your products from. This means that you will have to check the reputation of those manufacturers and brands that you have in mind. Although this might sound tricky, it isn’t that difficult. People are used to talking about both good and great brands, which means that you will be able to easily find reviews about specific manufacturers.

In addition to finding those reviews, you should also check the ingredients of specific products, so that you can understand what it is exactly that is inside those. This will give you some peace of mind because you won’t worry whether there are any harmful substances inside. Of course, make sure to choose only the products containing the ingredients that are healthy and useful, so that you can be sure you are doing what’s best for your hair.

Written by Jordan

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