Having Trouble Preparing Food? Here Are Some Ideas To Help you Out

Mealtime can be a love/hate relationship. Regardless of what your fitness and health goals are, your food shouldn’t bum you out. It’s what sustains you and nurtures your body. If you’re having trouble finding tasty ways to give it what it needs, or methods that won’t absorb all of your time, then this article is for you. 

Keep It Simple, Stupid (K.I.S.S.)

Above all else, keep it simple. If you don’t start small, you’ll end up starting something you can’t maintain, and then get down on yourself when it inevitably fails. In the beginning, start with just snacks or small meals. If you find that you’re having trouble staying on top of food prep, then it might be a good idea to look into whole30 meal delivery and reevaluate your options. Sometimes our schedules have to take priority, and if that’s the case, then having a healthy delivery option could be your best choice. 

Keep It Colorful

All that your body requires can be found in nature. Each color represents a different vitamin or nutrient that your body needs to remain at optimal health and wellness. Well over half of Americans aren’t getting the green nutrients, which are required for proper digestion and a strong immune system. So when you select and prepare food for yourself, always remember to keep your diet colorful. 

Spice Up Your Life

You may have noticed the common metaphors such as “salt of the earth,” or “spice of life.” These are commonly used to the point where they’ve become cliches. The reason is obvious though—-spices really do improve the quality of food. You have to be careful with the salt, but go crazy with the others. They can truly take your food to the next level and help you avoid growing tired of all those veggies and grains. 

Value Variety

You will most certainly find yourself falling into routines with your food just as much as you do with anything else in your life. Try substituting quinoa for rice, or asparagus for broccoli. Trying other cooking styles will also change up the flavor of your food. Try blackening your salmon rather than baking it. With salads, change your dressings as frequently as possible, and make your own instead of buying them.

Keep Fresh-Cuts of Everything

Time can definitely get away from us, even without the responsibility of food prepping. It will save you time if you always keep some fresh-cuts on hand. Do your future-self a favor and keep a container with all your favorite fruits and vegetables. 

This will also help when you get snacky and start craving salty and sweet treats. You’ll be less likely to go for the cookies or chips if you have plenty of healthy food ready to go and easily accessible. However, if you have to cut something up to get a snack, you might be more likely to go for the processed foods that are packaged for your convenience. 

Having Trouble Preparing Food? Here Are Some Ideas To Help you Out

Journal the Journey

Food journaling helps you recognize patterns and understand your relationship with food better. If you don’t keep track, then you won’t fully know where your weaknesses are. Not to mention, anything you do right will go completely undocumented, so you may not be able to replicate it. There are tons of food journaling apps that can help you not only keep track of your diet but also count calories and predict how long it will take you to lose weight based on your diet and exercise. 

Keep in mind that food journaling is also a great way to keep a document of all your favorite and least favorite meals, and also can show you what works and doesn’t work. 

Shop with a Full Stomach

If you’re hungry while shopping, you will most likely end up going over budget, buying things you don’t need, or falling back into unhealthy habits. You’re vulnerable when you’re hungry, so don’t set yourself up for failure. 

Buy Bulk

Take advantage of the promotions there are in buying in bulk. There are many things you can fill your pantry with that will serve you when the time comes. Stuff like rice, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts can all hold their freshness for a very long time and can be a part of your lunch for weeks or months to come. 

Whatever path you’re taking, whether it’s just healthier, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, these tricks should help you stay on top of all your foodie responsibilities. Your body is your temple, so keep it clean and watch what you allow in, and you will find yourself blessed.

Written by George K.

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