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How Do I Sell My House As-Is For Cash? 

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Finding a cash buyer in real estate is what many homeowners who need to sell a house fast want. Cash transactions happen much quicker than transactions relying on a buyer coming to the table with a mortgage. 

Selling your house as-is for cash relies heavily on crafting the right strategy to ensure you don’t sell for less than your property is worth. Even a house has value, even with damage or needed repairs, especially if it’s on a lot with significant cost metrics in its favour.

There are some key reasons to sell a house for cash. Besides being fast and easy, you have no real estate fees and commissions. It’s also less work. Cash buyers and real estate cash investors advertise wanting to buy properties.

Discover how to sell the house as-is for cash.

Price Your House to Sell

Price your house as-is to sell, and make it clear you accept cash offers only. To do this, research what comparable properties in your area are offered. Remember that many houses sold for cash require repairs. Sometimes, lenders won’t finance properties with severe damage. As such, set a portion of your budget for necessary renovations before putting the property on sale.

Highlight Its Potential as a Rental

When you sell house as-is for cash, ensure you maximize the property’s appeal and potential as a rental. Many cash investors seek to rent or resell it for profit. Knowing this, you may want to structure your ad to emphasize your property’s rentability or resellability.

Don’t Invest In Significant Repairs

If your house requires significant repairs, don’t fix them. This might seem counterintuitive, but selling a house for cash can be done without repairs. 

Cash investors simply want the property and location and won’t be concerned about repairs, though there is nothing wrong with hiding them. Be honest about what needs fixing. Just be aware that that’s not necessarily something you must invest in for a cash sale.

You Don’t Need Repair Estimates

If you were selling to a non-cash buyer, getting repair estimates was the right thing to do. If you are buying a house as-is, you do not need to do so. Cash investors typically have contractors to seek estimates from, factoring these expenses into their offer.

Don’t Invest in Staging Your Home

There is no need to update your home’s style or invest in staging it for photos and arranging open houses per se. It will be a waste of effort when selling a house as-is for cash. It is all about finding the right buyer, typically through non-traditional real estate means.

Buyers Want Inspections

Buyers will want to inspect the property. Before making an offer, they want to see all the rooms, including the roof and outdoor areas. They are not looking at how clean the room is. These buyers are looking for obvious signs of damage and the type of stuff that necessitates immediate repair investment.

Be Available for a Quick Sale

Be ready to make a fast sale and close within 24 hours. Cash buyers aren’t interested in waiting until the seller is ready. These buyers want to close quickly, and there is no real reason to extend the process without a reason.

Know What Type of Offer to Accept

The average cash buyer offer is 75-95% of the appraisal value. Be willing to accept an offer within this range. If the offer is not what you want, ask why and negotiate. The buyer may deduct certain costs related to reselling or renting, which impacts their profit margin.

Will You Request Special Conditions?

As the seller, you may want to request specific terms or conditions for a sale. This could be anything from using the garage for storage for a few additional months. It could also be having access to the house for a couple of weeks to clear out its contents.

You Don’t Have to Remove Any Items

If you don’t want to, you can leave all the furniture inside the house. Selling a house as-is means no cleanup is required, and you don’t need to haul out what’s inside if you no longer want to keep those items. That falls on the buyer’s shoulders. They buy the house as-is with everything included.

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