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How Learning A New Language Can Help You Understand Your Interests

If you have been monolingual your whole life, it is easy to disregard the importance of learning a new language. This is especially the case if you are a native English speaker. After all, why would you waste time on another language when yours is pretty much universal? Well, in addition to getting out of your comfort zone, learning a second language can open up a world of opportunities you have never dreamed of stumbling across. Diverse linguistic skills are also vital if you are an artist. Simply put, becoming bilingual or even multilingual helps you learn more about yourself and better understand your interests. Still not convinced? Just check out the next few points for more insights!

Having a Higher Attention Span

Do you want to hone your skills in a particular area but cannot muster up the energy to do so? Don’t worry because this is an issue most people face. The simple act of reading through a book or learning a new guitar riff can be impossibly hard if your brain is not functioning at its full capacity. When you are bombarded with dozens of tasks and are expected to finish them in a couple of hours, your brain may have some trouble catching up. Indeed, learning a new language usually entails investing a lot of time and effort, but it also pushes you to be quick on your feet, enhancing your attention span. A recent study that aims to assess the difference between bilinguals and monolinguals has revealed that people who speak more than one language are better able to zero in on complex tasks for longer. So, if your interests require much concentration, which your brain is not capable of right now, consider picking up a new language and see whether it helps. And in fact, it is recommended that you start your journey as a kid since, besides high concentration, there are other benefits of learning new languages.

Being More Open to New Experiences

It is possible not to know what you are interested in. With the myriad of options you have, you might not know which hobby or field to pick, and that’s totally fine. However, how can you discover what you like if you are not actively experiencing new things? Due to today’s fast pace, we have become too complacent, too comfortable with where we are to the extent that we completely stopped seeking new experiences. According to the insights shared at, learning a second language allows you to break out of your comfort zone, thus helping you pick up new interests along the way. As you get more exposure to other cultures and diverse traditions, you are going to feel more comfortable putting yourself out there. 

Finding More Rewarding Career Opportunities

You may be already interested in a certain field but do not think it offers long-term rewards considering your current skill set. This might prompt you to simply give up and focus on other areas. Chuck it to fate or skills, some people do make money out of the things they love, and you can be one of them if you get a leg up the competition by learning a new language. This is especially the case if the field you are interested in is highly competitive like marketing. As a recently published report explains, bilinguals had higher employment rates during the recession in 2010. This data complies with the wide-spread belief that speaking a second language makes one more employable. You do not have to think of your interests as mere hobbies that will never be lucrative anymore. By learning a new language, you will be able to impress even the pickiest employers and spend the rest of your life doing something you love.

How Learning A New Language Can Help You Understand Your Interests

Improving as an Artist

So, you know what you are interested in and are already living the dream of cashing in on the thing you love but still feel like you are not improving. In fact, hitting a plateau as an artist is a common problem. If you have already tried many workarounds like meditation and yoga to get your creative juices flowing but to no avail, then it might be time to find another strategy. Experts agree that learning a new language makes you an excellent problem solver, enabling you to become a better artist. It is no surprise that famous artists like Natalie Portman are multilingual. Memorizing new vocabulary and closely observing native speakers can be your ticket to giving your brain the exercise it needs to unlock your potential as an artist.

Even though picking up a new language is often an arduous process, it is well worth the effort. When it comes to understanding your interests, nothing can help you achieve this more than becoming bilingual. By being open to other cultures and experiencing new things, you will feel more in sync with yourself. Whether you are an artist or an average joe, a second language can come in handy, so what are you waiting for? Begin your journey today!

Written by George K.

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