How to BBQ a Fillet Steak in 4 Easy Steps

Fillet steaks are likely one of the best cuts of meat available. More commonly known as fillet mignon, the steaks are known to be incredibly tender, the steak is often served and associated with expensive fine dining experiences. The steak itself is more than likely just as expensive to buy from your local supermarket, so when you do manage to buy a few steaks for a barbecue, you want to make sure you do it well.

Typically, pitmasters and chefs consider making filet mignon for their family or friends a special occasion. As a result of that, many of them have also shared recipes on exactly how to make a perfect fillet steak, especially on your barbecue. Fortunately, many of the steps are nearly identical to cooking a ribeye or another cut of steak, so there aren’t many ingredients that you need to get.

We’ve put together some easy steps that you can follow to make a delicious fillet steak with your BBQ right in the comfort of your own home. If you want to take it a step further after barbecuing and make the steaks even better, you can also check out our selection of charcoal grills & smokers by Big Greeen Egg as well as a wide range of steaks and rubs to try out the next time you fire up your grill.

Preheat the grill

The first thing you need to do when barbecuing a fillet steak is to preheat your grill. The most common way to cook a steak like this is to use an extremely high level of heat to sear the meat. In addition to cooking the meat thoroughly on all sides when you close the grill, the high level of heat also makes it so you use less oil. The seared areas of the steak quickly denature before it has the chance to stick to the grate, allowing you to turn and flip it without fighting with the meat.

How long should your steaks refrigerate?

Like with many other steaks, preparing and seasoning your steak is quite simple. To ensure that your steaks remain safe to eat until you’re ready to grill them, keep them in your fridge. Many pitmasters suggest taking the steaks out, at most, two hours before grilling since it allows the fillet steak to cook evenly. While this is true most of the time, it’s a far better – and safer – idea to leave them in the fridge.

According to the FDA, you should toss out raw meat that’s been outside in weather that’s above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours or more. At this point, the heat from the air can cause any lingering bacteria to multiply, increasing the potential for health hazards. This is especially true in the summer.

If you do want to make the most of your fillet steak and make sure that it’s delicious and juicy once it’s been cooked, take it out of the fridge to have it reach room temperature. However, do cook it as soon after as possible to guarantee that they’re still safe to eat.

Add your seasonings

For a simple and quick fillet steak recipe, you won’t need many ingredients to season them. While you can use your preferred spices and herbs to make a marinade or rub, many pitmasters and chefs simply use salt and ground pepper. 

If you do choose to keep your fillet steak seasoning simple, sprinkle roughly half a teaspoon each of salt and pepper onto both sides of the steak. Be sure to rub it in, gently pushing the seasonings in. This is especially needed if you use sea salt or cracked black pepper since you’ll be putting it onto the grill right away. If you choose to use any other powdered spices or seasonings, make sure to apply them the same way you rub in the salt and pepper.

Another option is to let the fillet steaks rest in the fridge to marinate for anywhere between one to two hours. The time can change depending on the thickness of the steaks, with a good fillet steak’s thickness being one and a quarter inches. As we mentioned, these steaks are typically seared at high heat, so keep a meat thermometer nearby to check its internal temperature while cooking.

Sear your steaks

When your grill’s finally hot and your steaks are ready to be grilled, all that’s left is to sear and cook them. Once the grill’s reached 400 degrees Fahrenheit, place the fillet steaks onto the grates then close the grill’s lid. Let the steaks sear for five minutes before flipping and let the steaks grill for another five minutes to reach medium rare. If you want a steak grilled to medium doneness, let steaks cook for two more minutes then take them off to rest for five minutes.

At this point, you can mix rosemary and butter to create a mixture for both garnishing and adding a bit more flavour. Add roughly a teaspoon of the mixture to the steak while it’s resting and cover the steak so the butter can melt. From there, all that’s left is to serve.

What other seasonings and rubs can I use?

For many people, salt and pepper might be too simple or too bland. Many different cultures do use salt and pepper to add flavour to their dishes, but they also add many more spices and seasonings. So, while it is common for pitmasters and chefs to use only salt and pepper to season – along with the occasional butter and rosemary – other seasoning mixes are just as great of an idea to try out.

One great mixture is to add chilli powder, ground cumin, paprika, garlic powder and brown sugar along with salt and pepper. Together, the rub gives your barbecued fillet steaks a slightly sweet and savoury flavour with just a hint of heat that everyone will love. And to make sure the flavour sinks in, refrigerating the steak for 30 minutes allows the meat’s natural richness to deepen.


Just like a ribeye or New York strip steak, fillet steaks can be cooked just as easily on your barbecue at home. Other than the steaks themselves, you only need a basic salt-and-pepper seasoning to make them delicious. Don’t be afraid to use your own combination of seasonings or one that you’ve used for other cuts of meat. Your steak will come out wonderful either way!

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