How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?

Are you looking for ways to buy Bitcoins anonymously? This is quite common because people are not keen to provide their photo IDs to various Bitcoin exchanges. Just as one can sign into a public Wi-Fi with fake personal details, it is also possible to buy Bitcoin without verification through ATMs for instance.

In spite of what we know about the Bitcoins, the hard truth is that it is not completely anonymous. Since all transactions must be disclosed on the blockchain and verifications are demanded by exchanges, Bitcoins can actually be traced back to their holders. Bitcoins are also increasingly traded using automated trading bots like bitcoin era which reduces the manual effort and time. However, there are some ways to buy Bitcoins anonymously using cash with Bitcoin ATMs and Paxful. Besides, there are some places which require very less identification details and solutions like Tor, coin mixers, and VPN providers to be completely untraceable.

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  • Paxful: When you wish to buy Bitcoins secretly, you should resort to cash or in-person. You may use sites like Paxful to locate people willing to sell their coins in exchange for cash and these have to be close to your location. You may use an alias email ID in order to sign up on this portal and there is an optional verification ID process. Using cash allows you to stay anonymous because there will not be a document for such a transaction.
  • Bitcoin ATMs are another easy way to buy your Bitcoins anonymously using cash. You can visit the nearest Bitcoin ATM, buy the coins using cash; but not everyone has a Bitco9in ATM near his location. When you are asked to type in a Bitcoin address at the Bitcoin ATM you have to specify you do not have an address and in majority of cases, it generates a paper wallet. Bitcoin ATMs also do not need any ID verifications.
  • You can buy Bitcoins anonymously using a prepaid credit card. This can be bought from any convenience store or supermarket near you. Here also, you may use the credit card for buying Bitcoins and you do not need to offer any ID to sellers on sites like LocalBitcoins. Latest guide on australian forex brokers.
  • There are quite a few places where you can buy Bitcoins without providing an ID, but they may not accept payments in cash. BitQuick is one such example that works like an escrow for transactions through cash deposits at many banks across the United States. The buyer and seller agree on a certain amount; while a mobile phone is required for the process, no ID is needed. Hodl Hodl is another peer-to-peer exchange platform where traders can trade directly with one another. Since the site does not store user funds, there is no need for ID or KYC verifications. Bisq is another open-source P2P software allowing users to buy or sell crypto coins in exchange for fiat currencies. Bisq will not hold any Bitcoins and no registrations are needed.

These are some ways to stay anonymous; anonymity has an advantage because you can avoid getting hacked. When you can increase your privacy levels you can lower risks of cyber crimes.

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Written by George K.

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