How To Choose The Right Gun For Home Protection

How To Choose The Right Gun For Home Protection

It is important when you are trying to decide what gun you choose for your home defense or home protection, that you understand exactly how to choose your weapon, and not simply choose a weapon others prescribe to you. Of course, you might still want some recommendations or ideas in terms of what guns are best suited for your home. Here are some tips and guidelines about how to choose the right gun in order to protect your family and property.


When you are choosing your gun, you want to ensure that you do enough research on different firearms. There are many options to choose from, and of course, you are not limited to any single gun. This will allow you to consider all the benefits and cons of different guns, understanding which would be suitable for your needs and situations. An AR pistol from this firearm review, for example, will provide different experiences, than your typical pistol. The more time you spend learning about different guns, reading and hearing from what other people have to say, the more confident you will be in your choice and the safety of those you wish to protect.

Size And Weight

One of the most important variables that you should consider when you are choosing the right gun for your home protection is the size and weight of the weapon. This will vary in terms of what you need, and what you deem to be necessary and safe to keep out of the hands of people that should not be using it. Smaller weapons such as pistols are suitable for different family members that may have basic training and are not expected to carry a lot of weight. If you own and share a home with a partner, or other family members, buying a pistol and learning how to use it can be beneficial for multiple family members. The benefits of smaller weapons include the fact that they are easier to conceal and access in terms of responding to emergencies. Larger weapons, although providing more power and potentially being useful when dealing with a situation where you need massive protection, will take longer to equip in the event of an emergency. You will also not have the same mobility as you would with a smaller, lighter weapon. Consider your needs when you are choosing the right gun for you.


Consider that you, as a gun owner, may also be considering other accessories when purchasing your gun. These will include sights equipped on the gun itself, or attachments like lasers to help assist you in lower visibility situations. Depending on your experience handling a gun, and the different guns themselves that you might be considering for purchase, you may also want to look into grips and stocks that will allow you to wield your weapon more effectively, translating to easier protection to provide your family and home. Other accessories would include slings, magazines, and flashlights as well.


Consider your storage when you are purchasing a gun for protection. You want to ensure that you have the means to keep your weapon safe, but still accessible in the event of an emergency. You want to keep your gun away from children, as they are high risks for accidents involving firearms and could potentially lead to disastrous outcomes. If you wish to purchase larger weapons like rifles or shotguns, it is just as important that you find adequate storage for them, as they will require more space than a smaller weapon. You may have to dedicate shelves or cabinets to larger weapons as opposed to small spaces tucked away behind your closet or drawers. 

How To Choose The Right Gun For Home Protection

Comfort And Experience

It is key that when you are choosing a gun to purchase that you are comfortable with its use. You want to ensure that you are familiar with the gun and firing it. The last thing you need is to purchase a weapon that is capable of killing another person, but you are not confident or capable of handling it. This would be putting yourself and those around you in much more danger than if you were to simply not get a gun. It is important that you choose a gun that you have taken to the firing range, and done training in order to understand how it feels and be comfortable using it.

It is important that when you are considering any sort of firearm for your home, that you take the necessary steps to ensure everyone remains safe. 

This translates from taking training, handling, and safety courses, to understanding local laws and legislations that allow you to legally own guns and defend yourself. This will ensure maximum safety when handling and operating your gun.

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