How to Ensure a Clean and Safe Water to Drink at Home

With the current technology, it is easy to purify drinking water, and there are simple ways to do this. There are numerous ways that you can purify your water at home using chemicals such as iodine or chlorine, using filtration, boiling the water, or by using ultraviolet light.

These are some of the most effective ways to purify your water at home, and we are going to analyze each method in depth.

Using Iodine Solution

The use of iodine is a convenient and effective way to purify water. Besides, you can find iodine solution in numerous forms; thus, it gives the option to pick the one that fits your budget. Iodine works by killing all the bacteria and virus molecules that are found in your home drinking water. The solution is easy to use, and it’s light in weight.

The method has its shortcomings, one of them being that it takes approximately thirty minutes to kill the bacteria. You, therefore, have to wait for that duration before taking the water. Besides, iodine is unsuitable for pregnant women, and it leaves behind a taste that some people find unpleasant.

How to use it?

When using the iodine droplets, place some drops in a water container, give the bottle a shake and let the chemical do its magic, preferably for 30 minutes or more. You can then have that glass of water.

Using Water Filters

Water filters are known to remove viruses and bacteria found in water. If you are concerned about microorganisms found in water, natural toxins such as mercury or lead, fluorine or chlorine in water, stained and smelly water or contaminants present in your water supply, water filters might be the solution for purifying such water. You want the best water filter for your home, and for this reason, it’s always advisable to review the best filters in the market before purchasing one. You can always perform an online search and analyze the features in the filter that you find suitable for your situation before you purchase one.

Water filters have carbon that removes awkward tastes and harsh chemicals found in water. Besides, the filters are coated with iodine screens that serve to remove viruses found in water. You can drink the water once it’s treated, and the best part is that the water lacks any artificial taste. Water filters are, however, more expensive than chlorine or iodine methods, and they require a manual pumping mechanism that might consume your energy. Besides, after using the filter, you have to either clean or replace it with a new one.

Boiling the Water

This is one of the most common ways used to purify water by most households considering that it’s reliable. Boiling the water kills the germs and bacteria found in water, and it’s a cheaper way to cleanse water. The method, however, has its shortcomings since it uses fuel, and this takes a while to purify the water. Besides, on a hot and sunny day, someone might find it challenging to take in hot water. Also, the water has to be filtered sometimes, to remove some solid particles. Despite the few limitations, boiling water remains to be an effective way to purify the water that you use at home.

Using UV light

The method appears similar to using a flashlight. When using it, you swish the flashlight in the water for a given duration, and the mechanism automatically kills all bacteria in the water. The best part about the mechanism is that it’s more comfortable to use and carry around. The method, however, requires the use of batteries, and this might be a bit costly. Besides, swishing the flashlight only removes bacteria, and it leaves solid particles behind. Despite the shortcomings, the use of ultraviolet light remains one of the most effective ways to purify home water.

Using Chlorine

Similar to the iodine solution, chlorine also kills the bacteria found in water. Chlorine is easily accessible, affordable, and light in weight. Just like iodine, you will have to wait for approximately thirty minutes after placing the drops in water before you drink the water. It’s also advisable to place the recommended number of droplets in the water container to ensure that you don’t poison the water.

The above methods are the best that you could find in the market. Everyone should prioritize their health, and it all begins with taking a purified glass of water. Try one of the above methods and watch your health improve.

Written by George K.

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