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How to Ensure You’re All Clear Before Moving Out

Whether you are moving to another city or upsizing for a growing family, moving homes can be a difficult process as there is so much which will need to be done. Moving to a new home can be very exciting, but it can also cause a lot of stress as there are so many potential problems. Some of these include items being lost, dishonest or frustrating moving companies, and landlords being reluctant to give deposits back. When you decide that you are going to move out, it is important to start planning as soon as possible in order to prevent the many things which can go wrong.

To help everyone out there who is planning a move, here is how to ensure you’re all clear before moving out.

Start Planning Well in Advance

Whether you are moving out of a big house full of stuff or a small studio apartment where your possessions are limited, there is so much which you will need to consider before a move. Make sure you know exactly when your lease is ending or the day you need to hand over the keys, and start planning well in advance of that date. If you are living in a rented apartment, your deadline for moving will be very strict, and if by this date, you haven’t finished taking all of your things and taking the other steps explained below, your old landlord could charge you. Quality moving companies are always booked well in advance so don’t leave it to the last minute to hire one.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company 

For many people, moving houses can be a lot of fun, and packing your furniture and other items is a great way to reminisce and also to get rid of some things which you don’t need. One thing which nobody enjoys doing, however, is cleaning your home before you move out. If it was a rental property, this is very important because your landlord could withhold your deposit until it’s done or may charge you a cleaning fee to take care of it. There are many services for end of tenancy cleaning Chelsea and elsewhere which can help take the burden of the clean off your shoulders. With so many other things to do, this often comes as a great relief as it provides you with more time to do everything else which needs doing. Professional cleaners use all the most effective products and are trained in the best cleaning methods so they will be able to do a far more thorough job than you can.

How to Ensure You're All Clear Before Moving Out

Give Your Landlord the Required Notice

It is very important when moving out of a rental property that you check the terms of your contract and give your landlord the notice they need. If, for example, your rental contract works on a month-to-month basis, you may have to provide your landlord with notice in writing a month before you intend to move out. The requisite notice is different from rental to rental contract so save yourself any issues or extra fees by checking the terms carefully and having good communication with your landlord. 

Address Any Outstanding Bills or Property Damage 

Many tenants who are moving out make the mistake of thinking that all their bill payments have been paid up to date. However, many utilities and other bills are actually paid a month behind so you may end up getting a bill on the day of your move which you weren’t expecting. Check with your landlord or your energy, internet and cable providers, and find out what you still owe. As well as sorting your outstanding bills, you will also need to address any damage which has been done to the property. If it is a rental property, you should have a checklist of any issues which were there when you moved in, so you know what you are responsible for. If there is any minor damage to the property which you can fix yourself, do this well in advance of moving day. 

Arrange the Property Inspection 

When you are moving out of a rental apartment, you should always arrange a property inspection with your landlord so that they can check it is clean and that there is no damage. It is important that you are there at this property inspection as dishonest landlords have been known to fabricate damage or cleaning charges in order to keep tenants’ security deposits or charge them additional maintenance fees.

Moving home can certainly be a stressful and difficult experience but if you take the right measures it doesn’t have to be. It is always better to leave a home in good condition for the next inhabitants as there is nothing worse than moving into a new home which is in a mess. Follow this guide and it will ensure you’re all clear before moving out.

Written by George K.

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