How to Find a CBD Oil Taste You Like

If you’ve never tried CBD oil before, you may be wondering what it tastes like. That’s a fair question to ask. Most people might think it smells similar to its source, the cannabis plant which features a strong, burnt smell which would make it difficult to swallow. 

That may be true for unflavored CBD oil, but there are many alternatives out there for new users and steady users alike which can help them find a flavor they truly enjoy and thereby making the experience of taking this helpful compound much more pleasurable. 

So, don’t spend your money on something that you feel doesn’t taste good. Follow these straightforward tips on how to find the perfect CBD oil solution that will feature a taste you can truly enjoy (here are the best CBD oil brands available). 

What Most CBD Oil Tastes Like

Most people describe CBD oil as having a grassy flavor which makes sense if you think about it. If you like leafy greens, earthy flavors, and things that have a bit of a sharp bite like dark chocolate, then you’ll probably enjoy the taste of unflavored CBD oil.

While most people think the flavor is OK, very few would describe it as delicious or as something they would choose if they weren’t taking looking for the health benefits of CBD. Now, there are some people who really like the taste of natural, highly concentrated CBD. It’s all a matter of personal taste, and if you like earthy flavors, then you’ll probably also enjoy most CBD oils.

One of the most common complaints about unflavoredCBD oil is that it can tastequite bitter. Because it’s best to keep CBD oil under your tongue for at least a minute or two for maximum absorption benefits, this can be an issue for people who really don’t like the taste.

So, here are some tips to make using CBD oil products a better experience and maybe even enjoyable. 

Ideas to Help You Find a CBD Oil You Enjoy

So, how do you find a CBD oil that suits your taste profile? Here’s a basic rundown of the items to keep in mind:

  1. Start with lower concentrations
  2. Choose flavored CBD oil
  3. Consider the carrier oil
  4. Combine it with foods or drinks that you like
  5. Choose either gummies or capsules instead

Choosing a Carrier Oil

Because CBD is combined with a food-grade carrier oil, it will often take on the flavor of the oil it’s combined with. The most common carrier oils are:

Hemp seed oil – this oil has a hint of a nutty flavor much like walnuts or sunflower seeds. If you’re mixing this CBD oil with dressings or dips, you’ll probably think this flavor is the way to go. If you prefer sweet or more subtle flavors, this probably won’t be your first choice. 

Olive oil – expect more earthy flavors when olive oil is listed as the carrier oil. Be careful not to use too much, though, because it can be overpowering, especially when used in lower concentration CBD tinctures.

MCT oil – MCT oil has virtually no taste or smell so it doesn’t affect the natural flavor of CBD so you can add whatever flavors you like to it. It has several additional health benefits as well. 

Coconut oil – when coconut oil is refined, it has almost no flavor and serves as a neutral base. The natural flavor of the CBD oil takes the main stage. This may not solve your initial problem. 

If you’re concerned about unnecessary or conflicting flavors in your CBD oil, look for brands that list MCT oil or coconut oil.

You Can Choose Flavored CBD Oil to Mask the Earthiness

There are several different flavors available which can make the CBD oil taste much better while masking the earthy, bitter taste that it naturally carries. Many people typically try either citrus-flavored oil or mint-flavored oil which they prefer to the natural taste of CBD oil. Recent studies indicate there are many benefits of CBD oil and you can enjoy them regardless of what flavor you choose. 

You Can Combine CBD Oil with Food or Drinks

If you’d rather not to take CBD oil by itself, you can always combine it with food or beverages that you like. Many people choose one of the following:

Mix with yogurt or a smoothie. You won’t taste any CBD if you mix it with these food items. However, consuming CBD oil with food can slow down its effect which means it will take longer before the product starts to work.

Mints or gum. Put some gum or a mint in your mouth before you use the tincture and place it under your tongue. The strong minty flavor will overpower the CBD oil, so you won’t notice the taste. Even after you’ve held the tincture in your mouth for the optimal amount of time, the mint or gum should still cover up any CBD flavor and you’ll enjoy the taste, too.

Use a chaserWash down the CBD with a sip or two of your favorite drink. It’s the same theory as eating a lemon or lime after a shot of tequila. You “chase” the CBD flavor out of your mouth and replace it with something you like.

While mixing your CBD oil with a food or drink can make it more palatable, it can affect absorption and lessen the effect of CBD. So, if you choose to take your CBD oil this way, make sure you don’t drink or eat too much while you’re taking your CBD oil product.

Try Gummies or Capsules as an Alternative

If you’re looking for convenience or you want to avoid the taste of CBD oil altogether, then might enjoy capsules of gummies as an alternative method of taking CBD oil products. 

CBD gummies are tasty and they remind a lot of people of candies they used to enjoy as kids. They’re also small and low-calorie according to CBDGrade. Because of their smaller size, they won’t inhibit the CBD’s effectiveness as the compounds go through your digestive tract before getting absorbed into your bloodstream.

CBD capsules are another option. You won’t taste any CBD at all since you’re swallowing a pill. It is best to take a CBD capsule on an empty stomach so that the CBD can pass through your digestive tract faster and get sent directly into your body.


Now you have an idea of what to expect when you try CBD oil for the first time. This guide should give you several ways to make the experience more pleasurable and help you to find a product that not only helps you to feel better, but that you enjoy tasting. The best way to figure out which flavor you enjoy most is to try several different ones to find your favorite.

Written by George K.

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