How to Find Your Shoe Size When Shopping Online

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We all go through it. While we surf online and spot a nice pair of shoes from all of us fight the urge to buy all at once.

But one thing that always comes in between is the size. Finding your foot size online is quite a daunting task, mostly because there is no particular chart available that could give you a correct measurement. Moreover, there is always confusion between European and American sizes.

All this confusion leads to a haze and you tend to forget the shoes. But no more. I have prepared a complete guide on how you can never go wrong with buying a good pair of shoes while purchasing online. Let’s begin.

1. Foot length

I know this important point didn’t cross your mind, just kidding. But measuring your foot length is the first and foremost thing you should do while shopping for shoes online. Remember, you cannot ascertain if your shoes will fit or not just by looking at them.

So, take any measuring tape or scale and find out your foot length in centimetres. This will help you skim through the manufacturer’s chart and order your shoes in the right size.

2. The shape of the shoe and your foot

Another factor that plays a role while you are shopping for footwear online is the shape of your foot. Now, the shape of your footer is different from the length of your foot (of course it is). But let me tell you how.

If your foot is long and slender, you wouldn’t have a problem fitting into a size bigger or smaller shoe. Whereas if you have a pointy toe then you should always go for one size bigger because the model itself will be short.

Again, if your foot’s width is more, I recommend you not to buy heels online as there are great chances that they will not fit them. If your instep is high, the ideal shoes for you will be the ones that have a zipper on them, it will keep a balance between your outfit and your shoe.

3. Half sizes

Most people get embarrassed when they find their shoe size is half-size, but don’t worry, because according to a survey 68% of American women wear size 14, which means you do have a small clan with yourself. 😉

Anyways, if your shoe size is half-size, consider checking out the size chart before purchasing anything.

4. Seasonality

If you thought seasonality had nothing to do with shoe size, you are wrong. In summers, our feet are swollen, sweaty, and fuller most of the time. That is why you should buy shoes that are bigger in size. On the other hand, in winter, you should buy shoes of just the right size because our feet tend to get cold fast.

5. How to measure your size correctly

A person’s foot changes over time. There could be a variety of reasons such as age, weight, pregnancy among others. That is why it is advised to measure once before purchasing online for safety reasons. Now, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can do that easily at home with a few simple steps.

Firstly, put on a pair of socks.

Now, put one foot on a piece of paper that covers your foot fully.

Draw an outline of your foot

Now, mark the longest and widest part of your feet with a marker

Repeat the same with the other foot.

When it’s done, measure the marked area.

And finally, look up the size chart to find your measurement.

Now select the shoes and add them to your cart with the right size and that’s it.

Now, all that you have to do is wait for the delivery and put it on your beautiful feet

6. Difference between different sizes

For European brands, the adult size ranges from 35-49 while the UK size varies from 6-12. Subtract 1 from US’s size to find your size in UK shoes. After measuring your foot size in inches apply the result on the website, which will show you the correct size you should go for.

Over to you…

I know all this can be pretty overwhelming right now, but trust me, once you get this done… you won’t ever have to discard your Wishlist because of the “size”. Good luck!

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