How To Fix Dull Spots on Quartz Countertops

How To Fix Dull Spots on Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have been gaining popularity over the last few years and have the distinct advantage of being the most scratch-resistant material on the market. But the beauty of quartz countertops isn’t just in their durability and ability to withstand high heat and harsh chemicals, it’s also in their beautiful and natural appearance.

While quartz is a popular material for its scratch resistance and high heat resistance, sometimes it’s hard to avoid those tell-tale spots on the countertops that are a little dull or worn. A dull spot on a quartz countertop can ruin the countertop look. It’s not a lot of work to have a sparkling surface, but it can be an investment to replace the countertop and it’s not cheap. The last thing you want to do is to install a countertop that looks like a bad imitation of the countertops you see in home improvement stores.

Many homeowners feel they are safe using products such as nail polish remover or bleach on painted surfaces. However, these items could cause damage to the countertop surface. For example, the type of sponge used could mean the difference between preserving the surface or causing deep scratches. Caesarstone has a detailed article on quartz countertops; read it for more info.

If you have a dull spot on your quartz countertop, here are a few things you can do to help restore its shine. Understanding the correct method of cleaning quartz countertops without harming the surface can be helpful, and understanding the importance of preserving the surface. Read on to learn how to fix dull spot on quartz countertop.

What can cause dull spots on quartz countertops?

Dull spots are usually caused by over-cleaning the countertop or using a dull scouring pad. If you have had your countertop cleaned with an abrasive cleaning pad, it will take some time to come back to its original shine.

Staining quartz countertops is normal, and can be prevented by using a sponge or dishcloth dipped in warm water and gently scrubbing. If you carry out these maintenance tasks, you are unlikely to create a big problem for yourself; however, this doesn’t mean that you are ok if a stain becomes an issue.

How to fix dull spot on quartz countertop

How to clean cloudy quartz countertops is the most important question. Quartz is a natural stone, and it will stain when exposed to oils, grease, and other substances.

Quartz countertops usually come with a clear sealant that helps prevent water stains. To keep water from causing any issues with the sealant, you should clean up spills right away.

If you see a spill, you can use a simple baking soda and warm water solution to remove it. Put a small amount of the solution onto the spill and use a sponge to rub the spot until it is removed gently.

Another quartz countertop stain is ketchup, but there are other reasons why these are a problem. Sharpies, nail polish, pasta sauce, spices like cumin and turmeric, and more, can also cause serious damage to your countertops.

Stain removal is essential for maintaining the quartz countertop. Fortunately, you can get rid of even those stains that are hard to remove. To maintain the natural quartz, you should use a scouring pad. The scouring pad will remove the surface layer and make it shiny.

You can also use an abrasive to polish the surface of the countertop. If you are not sure about the color of the surface, then you can use discolor spray to remove the color. It will make the surface shiny and bright.

Procedure to fix dull spots on quartz countertop 

1. Pour warm, soapy water on the spot on the quartz countertop and then rub the spot using the sponge.

2. After rubbing the spot with the sponge, take the vinegar and pour it on the spot. Then rub the spot with the vinegar.

3. Repeat the above step two times to get rid of the dull spot on the quartz countertop.

4. Rinse the spot with warm, soapy water and then wipe it using a soft towel.

5. Spray the spot with the window cleaner and then wipe it using a paper towel.

6. Dry the spot with the air blower.

7. Apply the polish on the spot to get rid of the dull spot on the quartz countertop.

How do you maintain the Shine of Quartz Countertops?

Maintaining the shine of quartz countertops depends on your environment. It’s not just a matter of the countertop material; it’s also about the environment. I’d like to share our best recommendations for keeping the shine on your quartz countertops, as well as the maintenance you’ll need to do to get that shine back.

When you clean your quartz countertops, use only a gentle cleanser and a gentle chemical on your quartz countertops. But, first, understand the reasons that quartz countertops are susceptible to discoloration. The most important reason is that the quartz countertop material is porous.

The pores are there for a reason; they’re there to allow for moisture to evaporate and be wicked away. If the pores aren’t allowed to evaporate moisture, then it will create a buildup of moisture inside the countertop. The other reason is that the countertop material tends to absorb impurities from the environment.

If your countertop edges are shaped any way, the countertop will inevitably have spills that run over the edges. Although there is no special method for cleaning the edges, use the same method mentioned above for this.


In this blog post, you have learned how to fix dull spot on quartz countertop. Overall, quartz countertops are gorgeous choices for kitchen sinks, whether residential or commercial. However, keep in mind that quartz countertops are stain-resistant but not stain-proof. Water stains on quartz counters must be removed with elbow grease and the right products.

Caesarstone experts can also help you keep your kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean. You will also find suggestions for keeping kitchen countertops, appliances, sinks, and tubs looking great. Since we’re committed to helping you make sure that your home looks as great as possible, we look forward to you reaching out.

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