How To Get Your CCNP After 2020 (No CCNA Required)?

As per the 2020 update for Cisco certification exams, you can directly sit for the CCNP exam. You do not need to apply for CCNA to pass it and then sit for the CCNP one. However, the CCNP examination will require at least 3-5 years of CCNA industry knowledge. 

Until and unless you’re already in a CCNA-related working profession, it seems quite impossible to pass CCNP with easy marks.

But you can now click here to learn the new CCNP course material. Here you will learn about the best possible ways to clear the CCNP examination conducted by Cisco. 

Besides that, refer to the blog post below and clear your CCNP goals without depending upon the CCNA exam. 

Ways To Pass And Prepare For CCNP Exam After 2020 Without Depending Upon CCNA Exam:

Know about the two modules or exams of CCNP.

There will be one core and another concentration or specialization exam for clearing CCNP. The core is ENCOR. It will be about a 120-minute-long exam and the fee to sit for this exam is about $400. 

It is one of the general exams you must sit for while preparing for CCNP and other similar courses. This exam tests your basic knowledge of the network architecture, automation, assurance, security, and infrastructure setup. 

The next exam is the concentration exam. Passing it will give you a specialist certificate. It is also mandatory to clear to become a full-fledged CCNP professional. 

This exam for CCNP aspirants is often termed ENARSI. It will be held for 90 minutes, covering 4 tougher layers of topics. These mostly involve layer 3 technologies, services of the network infrastructure, its security, and VPN technologies. 

Each attempt for CCNP concentration or specialization costs about $300. 

Enrol in test series before the final exam.

We know that attempting each lab and another exam is costly. You cannot afford to ruin your chances. It’s your hard-earned cash and savings that you invest in each attempt. 

The best solution here is to enrol in a test series. But do not go for the free courses online. Such course material might not have been recently updated. And you cannot afford to study the wrong material for next year’s paper. 

In this situation, to clear CCNP without depending on CCNA, enrol yourself in a paid Spoto dump series. These are run, managed, edited, and configured by CCNP professionals. You will get lecture notes, videos, and reading material with lifetime access. 

The information on your student or study centre online will keep updating regularly. You will know what kind of questions to prepare for. 

There will be live test series that are time-bound. You must participate in those papers to sharpen your skills and mind. Form a habit or a discipline because you need to cover the knowledge of at least 3-5 years of CCNA course material too. 

Take at least 1-2 years off from attempting the final exam. 

This point is related to the above-mentioned one. When you enrol in the test series, it will take time for your mind to sharpen. You need at least 1-3 years off from attempting the main paper. 

You can earn lab hours with paid online test series held by industry professionals. This practice for 1-3 years will prepare you to write even the toughest and hard-to-solve CCNA- and CCNP-backed questions. 

Try for an apprenticeship or internship.

When you’re taking 1-3 years off to prepare for the CCNP exam straight away, you need practical knowledge too. The paid courses may offer you live lectures and modules. However, enrolling yourself in internships pays off well. 

From there, you will solve real-life network problems arising in your teams. Your mentors can guide you on routing, switching, and similar topics. You learn how to create, configure, and control network security and safety layers over time. 

This could be for multiple enterprises: small, medium, or big. The more you practise, the better you learn. These hours will help solve case studies in the CCNP core and concentration exams. 

You can apply upgraded knowledge as you would have gotten better at solving complex issues at your internship. Moreover, this internship must be paid. So, you will earn more money to save and invest in your paid test series and dump questions. 

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