How to Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable

Being one of the most important rooms in your home, the bathroom needs to be an inviting and comfortable space. You should get a wonderful feeling every time you step into your bathroom. Most importantly, you should come out relaxed and rejuvenated every time you step into your bathroom. However, all this depends on how you design it and the features it is equipped with. It also depends on the measure you take to keep your shower room clean, hygienic, and smelling fresh. From investing in a new showerhead to adding mats and improving functionality with nice shelving, the things you can do to maximize bathroom comfort are literally too many to mention. Here are a few tips you want to read on how to make your bathroom comfortable.

Add a Bidet to Your Toilet 

One of the things you can do to transform your bathroom into a comfortable resting nook is to add a bio bidet. As the people from explained, a bio bidet does more than just improve bathroom hygiene. The little accessory is added to the toilet seat to help give your private parts a gentle yet thorough cleanse after doing your thing down the bowl. Modern bidets come with features designed to maximize comfort and relaxation. For instance, the BB 2000 bio bidet features a water pulse add-on, which gives you a massaging effect using a pulsating stream of water beneath you once done using the toilet. You will feel more comfortable knowing your juice parts are thoroughly clean after taking the call of nature.

Add a Rain Showerhead

There are dozens of showerheads out there. However, none of them makes your bathroom cozier than a rain showerhead. A rainfall showerhead features an overhead design that lets water spring on you directly from above while taking a shower. By mimicking the rain, this showerhead gives you a more soothing shower.

Get a Bath Mat 

Not many of us enjoy putting on flippers every time when hitting the shower. While the primary function of bath mats is to prevent you from slipping in the bath, today’s bath mats are more functional. Memory foam bath mats, for instance, incorporate features that make your shower time cozier. They are also an adorable aesthetic addition to your shower room.

Heated Towel Racks

Nothing is more annoying than heating the shower, only to be welcomed by an excessively damp towel. Well, heated towel racks have stepped in to solve this nuisance. Not only do these additions help keep your towels dry, but they also help provide you with a spa-like experience by getting them warmed up. By reducing dampness in towels, they also help in preventing mold growth and keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. Towel racks are also available in a wide range of design options, including curved shelves to place rolled towels.

Install a Tub Enclosure 

If you are like most people, your bathroom allows for privacy even if it is used by more than one person in the household. But sometimes we forget to lock the bathroom door and someone could bump in when you’re enjoying your warm and cozy bath. This thought will also disturb your comfort if you keep wondering whether you locked the door or note. To minimize this worry and maximize your restful experience, installing an opaque curtain barrier will go a long way. Apart from improving bathroom privacy, tub curtain enclosures with bold patterns that match the rest of your restroom décor can be an excellent idea.

Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom shelves add storage space where you can place your bathroom essentials for easy reach. For instance, you can have some shelving above your toilet or on one of the walls of your bathroom. They help maximize both comfort and functionality; plus you have multiple options to go with.  

Tub Bath Tray 

Have you tried enjoying a glass of sweet red wine as you take a bubble bath? Well, if you haven’t, this should definitely be in your bathroom bucket list. Tub bath trays create additional space to place your necessary supplies at arm’s length reach so you don’t have to cut your warm bath short. They come with various storage slots so it’s up to you to decide what to place where. 

Finally, you can also introduce some nature into your bathroom. For instance, you can place an indoor plant or two in the window sills, or one corner of the room where they would get access to natural light. However, you will need to choose plants that do well in humid areas.

Written by George K.

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