How to Plan A Sightseeing Trip Through Portland

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Portland is a vibrant city that has room for anyone who wants to visit.  Due to leaning into its artistic vibes, you can find endless fascinating architecture, beautiful streets, and gorgeous street art that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

It’s no surprise that sightseeing trips are extraordinarily popular! 

If you’re considering a fun trip through Portland and aren’t sure about the best way to go sightseeing, you’re not alone.  Fortunately, this handy list will help you find the best ways to plan your trip!

How Many People Are Going?

This question is important to consider since it can help decide how much room for transit is needed and how long the sightseeing trip can be.  Most people travel in small groups, but it’s understandable if you want to travel with a church group or other large gathering of people.  Try to get a headcount at least a couple of months out on how many people are serious about attending so that you can budget and plan accordingly.

Pick A Mode of Transit

The type of transit you take is very dependent on how many people are going.  If there are fewer than six people, you might want to consider a bike tour!  These tours are fun because it lets you feel more like you explored the city, rather than just drove through it.  If this is your chosen transit, be sure that everyone is old enough and in good enough shape to keep up.  If someone speeds up or loses the group, ensure that there’s a way for them to contact everyone.

You can also go by renting a van or bus and traveling through the city with a driver taking you wherever you want.  This is far more expensive and may necessitate hiring an official tour guide, which adds more cost.

Plan For A Slower Time and Day

You don’t want to do a sightseeing tour on the weekend or during the rush hours of any weekday.  There’s nothing wrong with getting to enjoy the city at its most vibrant: but when the traffic is thick like this, it can be hard to get through the crowds and go where you want to.  Weekends are also high-tourist times, which means most of the stops you’ll want to make will often be too crowded to make the trip worth it.  The city on weekdays between ten am, and three am is slow enough that you’ll fall in love and want to start looking at Portland houses for sale.

Decide If You Want An Official Guide

Although many don’t love the idea of official tour guides because it makes them feel like they stick out as a tourist instead of blending in: if you’re going sightseeing, a tour guide might be the perfect fit for your group!  These professionals know the best parts of the city, have traveled through it for years and can answer any burning questions that come up instead of having to turn to google.  Although they can be pricey, they’re often worth it!

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