How to Prove Negligence and Fault in a Truck Accident Case

Getting involved in a car accident is one of the most traumatic events a person can go through. On the other hand, getting involved in an accident that involves a large vehicle, like a truck, can cause great damage and injuries, some of which could be fatal. The recovery process can be lengthy and painful. And besides all that, if it wasn’t yours, but the truck driver’s fault, how can you prove this and get the compensation you deserve? Here are the most important steps you should take to prove negligent behavior.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney right after the accident happens will save you time and effort, and help you focus on your physical and mental recovery. Additionally, according to attorneys at, one more factor in getting the compensation and proving negligence are insurance companies. You’ll need an experienced negotiator by your side to get a fair offer. An attorney will know everything you need to do and will be your advisor throughout the whole process, which can often be lengthy and tiring.

Call Emergency Services

How to Prove Negligence and Fault in a Truck Accident Case

After the accident, the first thing you should do is call the emergency services. They will help you in case you need serious medical attention. Also, the first responders will be valuable witnesses in proving the truck driver’s negligence. Before they come, try to move as little as possible, and try not to disturb any evidence. When you fail to report the accident right away, it could seriously compromise your case. Be as transparent with them as possible, and avoid failing to mention any piece of information you may have.

Collect Evidence

If you estimate that your injuries are not that dangerous, survey the scene of the accident and document every significant detail. Take pictures of the damage and the surroundings. It will help you notice something you haven’t before, and revise it later on. Also, try to get contact information from the other driver. Ask for their name, license plates, phone number, the company they are working for, and anything else you can get. Take the evidence you collected to your attorney, and they will know how to use it to your advantage.

Obtain Copies of the Police Report

When emergency services come, police officers will write up a report of the things they noticed on the scene and the rest of the useful data from the crash. If you have sustained heavier injuries, you won’t have time to collect evidence by yourself, and that’s where obtaining a copy of the police report comes in handy. Additionally, the word of a trained officer will be respected more in the court of law. Analyzing the data provided by the report will help you create a strategy with your attorney. 

Keep Your Medical Records

Collect medical records during every step of your recovery. No matter how heavy or light your injuries are, every piece of paperwork counts. Document every part of your recovery, and you are more likely to win the case. Keep the copy the doctor gives you right after the accident, the therapy you are taking, and the possible physical therapy you are undertaking. The type of your injuries could prove significant when trying to prove negligence.

Interview Witnesses

Hard evidence is the most valuable in a court of law. However, there were cases when the deciding factor was the word of people who have witnessed the accident. First-hand accounts can change the course of the case, so try to remember to take witnesses’ personal information. They will be able to objectively say who was at fault, as they have seen it happen from the third person. It will make the situation more clear and will further strengthen your case. Additionally, the quantity of evidence can only give you an advantage.

Collect Data from the Truck

Gathering evidence of a truck accident is easier than any other type of accident. Trucks usually have black box records, cameras, logs, and the drivers are required to take drug and alcohol tests before going on the road. All these things can be crucial for determining negligence. Also, the trucking company will be required to provide you with their logs and records. This is when an attorney will call and collect this kind of evidence.

All of these things could turn the case in your favor, so make sure you collect as many of them as you can. Hiring a professional attorney, especially if they specialize in trucking accidents, will guarantee that you did everything you could to prove negligence. There’s no reason you should settle for less than you deserve. Getting compensation could help you with the process of physical and mental recovery from the accident.

Written by George K.

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