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How to Remove Makeup Properly

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It is right after Halloween and the festive season has just begun, it must be difficult for you and your skin to keep up. Looking stunning comes at a cost, you need patience and time to be able to take care of your skin and one of the important rituals you must follow for healthy skin is cleaning up your make-up after you get home. It is an underrated ritual too but we are here to tell you how to do it properly. 

We talked to a few dermatologists and assembled an easy-to-read insight article on how you can remove your makeup properly. So what are you waiting for? Strap on!

Patience is key 

Did it take you a while to put on the work in your makeup right? It is supposed to take you just the same amount of time or more to remove your makeup as well. A lot of people make the mistake of just washing and wiping their face, the chances of breakouts are more due to this. Never underestimate the investment of your time in your skin. The more time you put on removing makeup the better chances you have of cleaner and healthier skin in the future. Of course, after a ragger, it is quite daunting to be able to remove makeup but remember a little bit of patience with your skin takes you a long way.

 Soap and water is your best friend 

We don’t know when the revolution arrived and everyone settled on the magic of makeup wipes, but we are here to tell you that makeup wipes are not the way to go. Of course, you can always use them but they should not be the only thing you use before you go to bed. You are always supposed to wash your face properly, it doesn’t say it on the box of makeup wipes and most after-party routines that are quicker have a sure shot tendency to fail. Wipes are only important for the initial process of removing makeup, start with that and remember soap and water are your best friends.

 Always use a cleanser.

A lot of women think using just any face wash is enough when they are removing makeup, that is simply not true. Once you have used the wipes and used soap and water as we suggested you should use a cleanser now. The entire point of doing this routine is to open up your pores and give them space and time to breathe. Once you have followed the steps you should use a cleansing oil or even a balm to properly cleanse your skin. While choosing these products go for something that suits your skin type. 

You only have two eyes, be nice to them.

A lot of us tend to forget about our own eyes while removing makeup because most of the focus is on avoiding acne on the skin, the eye area is one of the most overlooked areas on the face while removing makeup. If you have tight lines around your eyes then it’s even worse. Gently dab them with the cleansing oil during your routine. Always remove lashes first, also you must never be hostile in removing mascara from your eyes with your fingers, the mascara comes off easily with the help of cotton that is soaked in oil and if you use olive oil then it also adds to the growth of your lashes. 

Cotton balls are not your friend.

We know that they are easily available but cotton balls are not your friends, instead of cotton balls you must always prefer straight cotton pads, they are available in any drugstore and they work much better than cotton balls. The only reason why we say this is because cotton balls tend to leave fibers on your skin and it makes the entire process quite messy. Cotton pads on the other hand get the job done with no mess left behind.

Always Moisturize.

You don’t have to have dry skin for this, after everything is said and done it is quite important to follow that up with moisturizer and a lip balm. Removing makeup properly makes your skin a bit dry and you can’t sleep on that, so it’s best to always moisturize after your makeup removal is done.

Written by Abhishek

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