How to Set Up an Attic Bedroom With a Slanted Roof

If you have an attic with a slanted roof, you may wonder how to turn it into a usable space. While it may seem complicated, it is pretty doable – and this article is here to show you how. You can turn your attic into a cozy bedroom with creativity and careful planning. Keep reading to learn the best tips for setting up an attic bedroom with a slanted roof.

Add a skylight or window to let in natural light

One great way to brighten up an attic bedroom with a slanted roof is by adding a skylight or window. Not only can you let in beautiful natural light, but you can also save on energy costs associated with flipping on the lights during the day. If you’re opting for a skylight, choose one with double-glazed glass and energy-efficient framing to reduce thermal loss. Usually, local roofers will be able to help you with this task. You can also opt to install a large window on the wall or use artificial lightings, such as fairy lights and lamps, to add a touch of ambiance.

Hang curtains near the ceiling to create the illusion of taller ceilings

Ceilings don’t have to limit how spacious a room looks. A simple trick to give an instant lift to even the lowest of ceilings is to hang curtains near or at the top. This simple strategy provides the illusion that the ceilings are the same height as the curtains, making them seem tall and expansive. Plus, it adds interest and timeless style to any space. The best part? It’s an affordable and easy way to add style and new dimensions to any room.

Choose your paint colors carefully

When choosing a new paint color for your home, it’s essential to consider the mood you’re trying to create. Light colors evoke airiness and openness, making little rooms feel bigger and brighter. If you desire an open, inviting space, look for colors such as whites, off-whites, and pastels that will make the room appear larger and bring in light to brighten up darker corners. Do some research – you may find a timeless hue that fits your needs. Or mix and match different shades of similar colors for something unique and inviting. With careful thought into the colors and their potential effects, you can decorate a cozy room full of personality.

Use furniture low to the ground to make the most of the space

When it comes to maximizing small spaces, furniture that is low to the ground can be handy. Placing pieces of furniture like couches, beds, and ottomans closer to the floor help make a room seem more open, airy, and bright. Low seating allows a room to accommodate more people by freeing up extra space between items. Additionally, it can give a cozier feeling in areas such as bedrooms or dens. The lower profile also proves handy when it comes to storage – many pieces with drawers or cabinets offer storage that is out of sight but still easily accessible. All in all, low-to-the-ground furniture helps make a small room functional while still retaining its charm.

How to Set Up an Attic Bedroom With a Slanted Roof

While these are just a few tips, they can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Try some of these ideas if you want to make more space in your home without actually moving. What other tricks do you use to make your home feel more significant?

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