How to Track Your Ovulation to Get Pregnant?

Ovulation; A Reproductive Cycle

In females, the release of eggs from their ovaries is known as Ovulation.  In womankind, this episode happens when the ovarian follicles break and discharge the secondary oocyte ovarian cells. After Ovulation, throughout the luteal phase, the egg will be vacant to be inseminated by semen. The process of Ovulation is the key element for getting pregnant.

How to Track Your Ovulation; Ovulation Tracking

Tracking ovulation is basically a technique of rational family planning. If any female knows that when she is going to ovulate, she can have sex two days before and even on the day of probable Ovulation. It will boost the chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation calculators can serve this purpose with accuracy as well.

Whether a female is just initiating an attempt to conceive, or have been trying for a while without accomplishment, or have freshly grieved a pregnancy failure, she may turn to track Ovulation in order to increase the odds of getting pregnant.  We can say that tracking ovulation is the key to conceive quickly.  There are some methods to track Ovulation. Have a look!

The Calendar Method

It serves as an ovulation calendar calculator. If someone’s menstrual cycle has a tendency to be initiated on the same number of days for several months, it’s a good thing to predict the exact date of Ovulation in order to conceive fast. You only need a calendar to make a red cross on the expected date.  This method to track the Ovulation cannot be helpful for all those females who have an irregular menstrual cycle.

Recording of Basal Body Temperature

It involves the recording of body temperature before you rise from your bed. By creating a chart of your daily body temperature, you can easily detect the rise in temperature, which gives an indication about the Ovulation. Sometimes BBT charting can also give you a clue as to whether you have conceived or not.

Ovulation Predictor Kits

Ovulation predictor kits serve as an advanced ovulation calculator. They offer urine tests that are analogous to home pregnancy tests. These tests demonstrate a specific color pattern whenever the luteinizing hormone (LH) levels increase. These levels give an indication that a female is going to ovulate within 12 to 36 hours. Female needs to take these tests consecutively for the accurate tracking of the Ovulation. 

Saliva Ferning Tests

Testing of the saliva can also be used to identify Ovulation in females. Saliva test kits are less costly as compared to the ovulation predictor kits.  During or just before the Ovulation, a kind of crystal formation developed in the saliva because of the changes in PH. These kits indicate this formation to predict the Ovulation. Furthermore, there are some other chemical changes that take place in the saliva just before the Ovulation that can be specified via these kits. You have to drop the saliva in the kit, and if within five minutes there are crystals then it is an indication that you are going to ovulate in the next 24 to 72 hours.

Tracking Cervical Mucus Changes

Keeping track of cervical mucus cannot be helpful for everyone, but it has the ability to give a precise indication about your Ovulation. When the time of the Ovulation is near the mucus begins to become thick and more clear than before. Before ovulation mucus becomes similar to egg white. This thinning allows sperms to pass through it more easily. Furthermore, it provides an alkaline and perfect environment for sperm to survive in the uterus.

Ovulation calculator for baby boy

After tracking your Ovulation by all the above means, you can have an idea that when you are going to ovulate. If you have sex closer to the Ovulation, then the chances of having a baby boy will increase. The reason behind this fact is that they-sperms are faster than the x-sperms and tend to reach the egg first. For conceiving a baby girl, one must have sex 3 days before Ovulation or for the boy on the expected day or a day before Ovulation.

To the end

Getting pregnant using one of these methods by tracking Ovulation is a suitable occurrence.  However, if someone is using these methods to prevent pregnancy, they should have to contact the doctor.

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