How To Use Daily Health Apps: The Ultimate Guide

With more than five billion mobile users around the globe, mobile technology had to evolve to cater to their needs. Nowadays, we enjoy the convenience of mobile technology in every aspect of our professional and personal lives. 

One of the most significant advantages of this mobile technology is that we can now take better care of our health using daily health apps. Whether you’re already using some apps and want to reap greater health rewards or you want to join the wagon, here’s your ultimate guide to using daily health apps. 

Fitness Tracker

Fitness enthusiasts everywhere make the most out of their fitness training journey using fitness trackers. Thanks to their unique and practical design, they can be used by anyone to help them track their fitness goals and push their limits. The reason why these fitness trackers are so popular comes from the myriad of features they hold. They can be used to monitor your activity levels, weight fluctuations, daily consumed calories, resting heart rate, and other important vitals. When you use a fitness tracker to monitor your lifestyle and performance, you get better insights into your habits and how you can make the necessary changes for maximum benefit. 

Fitness Apps

Fitness trackers are best combined with fitness apps. While the tracker monitors the changes your body is going through, you can use fitness apps to develop, carry out, and monitor your overall fitness performance. These apps are diverse; you’ll find specialized apps for body-weight training, gym training, cardiovascular training, yoga, pilates, calisthenics, and every other training regimen in the book. Some apps even combine all of the previous categories to give you more flexibility in designing your training programs. The best apps give you a preview of the exercise while breaking down the movements to maintain proper posture. Once you develop your program, you just have to play the video and follow the instructions of your very own personal AI coach. 

Health Monitoring Apps

Fitness apps and trackers are great for developing and maintaining exercise programs, but taking care of your health includes much more than fitness training. For instance, patients living with chronic health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes, need to constantly monitor their vitals and medication intake. Health monitoring apps provide these patients with the latest trends of mobile and virtual healthcare in a convenient and simple way. Amidst the many developments in mobile technology, these trends also make it easier for their physicians to follow up on their treatment plans to ensure patient compliance. Most of these apps provide reports that the patient or their physician can download and analyze to measure the efficacy of the current plan and make necessary adjustments. 

Smart Scales

Weighing yourself can be a daily occurrence if you’re a fitness enthusiast, but almost everyone uses the scale to estimate their level of fitness at one point or another. However, traditional scales have a serious shortcoming; they only give you the final number of how many kilograms or pounds you weigh. You may maintain the same weight while your body is undergoing significant changes, and you’ll have no idea. That’s why using smart scales that use BIA technology is necessary to become aware of your body composition. These scales are connected to their mobile app, which gives you a full report of your body composition once you stand on the scale. You get insights about your muscle mass, fat percentage, water ratio, protein percentage, bone mass, and other important vitals. These insights help you plan your workouts and meals better for enhanced health and performance. 

Smart Gym Equipment

Similar to smart scales, smart gym equipment can be connected to your phone through an app to keep you updated with your performance. They also enrich your virtual workout experience to match the benefits of joining a real-life class. For instance, you can use a smart bike to virtually joining a spinning class and compete with other cyclists living around the globe. 

How To Use Daily Health Apps: The Ultimate Guide

Another significant piece of equipment is the smart mirror, which can be hung in your home whenever you’re not working out. When it’s time to get sweaty, you can turn it to access a myriad of information, follow the instruction of an AR class, and monitor your posture as you workout. 

It’s hard to create a comprehensive review of all the health apps on the market since there are just too many to count. However, there are a few essentials you’ll have to use if you’re getting started on your wellness and fitness journey. Some of these apps are fitness trackers, fitness apps, health monitoring apps, smart scales, and smart gym equipment.

Written by George K.

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