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InfoSec Influencers for Every CISO to Follow

Even the top information security officers within a firm can stand to learn a little bit more about their field from those who have more knowledge and experience. Fortunately, thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to listen to the voices of the world’s leading InfoSec experts. In addition to taking advantage of CISO blogs, books, podcasts, presentations, seminars and other useful resources, the following InfoSec influencers are more than worth a follow for those eager for interesting insights into the cybersecurity field:

Brian Krebs

A reporter for The Washington Post for over a decade, Brian Krebs now works as an independent investigative journalist and posts his findings about cybercrime on his website KrebsonSecurity. Krebs continues to win awards for his groundbreaking research into cybercrime.

Brian Honan

Brian Honan is one of the most internationally respected InfoSec professionals, with more than 30 years in the technology space and more than a decade dedicated to high-profile security projects. Honan has worked as the Special Advisor on Cybersecurity for Europol and created Ireland’s Computer Security Incidence Response Team. Fans can follow his thoughts and opinions on Twitter.

Dan Goodin

Dan Goodin is the reigning security editor at Ars Technica, and he has been following the exploits of white-, black- and gray-hackers for almost two decades. Goodin posts multiple times a week on current events and provides valuable security advice to all levels of users.

Eugene Kaspersky

The founder, chairman and CEO of one of the world’s leading security services firms, Eugene Kaspersky has a name that is all but synonymous with cybersecurity. Kaspersky’s personal blog provides his own opinions on the state of the InfoSec industry — as well as plenty of pictures from his world travels.

Larry Dignan

The former editor-in-chief at ZDNet and the former editorial director of TechRepublic, Larry Dignan remains a giant in the world of technology and financial services since beginning his career nearly 30 years ago. Today, Dignan posts as editor-in-chief of Celonis Media, where he offers valuable insight into current events within the technology industry.

Eleanor Dallaway

Eleanor Dallaway has been one of the most influential voices in the InfoSec industry thanks to her 15 years as editor and publisher of Infosecurity Magazine. Under her supervision, the magazine has become one of the best sources of information about the industry, and Dallaway continues to research and report on InfoSec news.

Antonin Chuvakin

A thought leader in the security industry, Antonin Chuvakin has authored several books and dozens of research papers on different security strategies. Some of his best work is the “Information Security Management Handbook,” which is considered the gold standard in InfoSec reference materials.

Kevin Beaumont

An InfoSec influencer out of the U.K., Kevin Beaumont has been labeled one of the top cybersecurity experts in his country. Published on respected sites like KrebsonSecurity and securityBytes, Beaumont continues to share his valuable opinions on the security industry.

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick has landed himself on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for hacking into 40 different corporations — though he did not do it for financial gain. Today, Mitnick actively participates in discourse in the InfoSec industry, publishing multiple security-related books and engaging in public speaking events.

Eva Galperin

One of the world’s leading exerts on malware, Eva Galperin has dedicated her life to researching global malicious campaigns. Drawing insights from her work, Galperin regularly publishes guides to helping vulnerable populations stay safe in the digital environment.

Graham Cluley

A powerful force in cybersecurity since the early 1990s, Graham Cluley has lent his expertise to some of the biggest security brands. The best place to find Cluley is his podcast dedicated to hacking, cybercrime and privacy, Smashing Security, with cohost Carole Theriault.

Taylor Swift

A mysterious doppelganger that is almost certainly not Tswift herself, SwiftonSecurity has successfully made everyday individuals invested in security issues thanks to their engaging information, opinions and Taylor Swift references. Most active on Twitter, “Taylor” also occasionally posts on her personal blog, Decent Security.

Information about information security is not always easy to obtain — let alone understand. By engaging with some of the industry’s top experts, professionals at every level can improve their ability to navigate securely in the digital space.

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