Is it hard to get used to Varifocals?

Many of you might be having difficulty with eyesight; it could be a reading disorder or issues with viewing objects placed at distant. When things appear hazy, blurry or double, then its time to ring the bells. Blessed are those who have only one eyesight disorder, but the problematic condition is with those who have both nearsightedness and farsightedness along with prism or astigmatism and are not used to Varifocals.

What are Varifocal Glasses?

Varifocal glasses can be considered as the advanced version of bifocal glasses, wherein there are not two but three different zones of viewing the objects from one single lens. This means the upper portion of the glass lens is designed to correct nearsightedness and clear distant objects, the lower portion is engineered to correct farsightedness whereas the middle portion of the lens provides intermediate vision clarity. The unique part about the varifocal glasses is that although there is a smooth transition from one zone of the lens to the other, there is no visible line that distinguishes three different zones.

Is it hard to get used to Varifocals?

The answer lies with the user. This is because some of the users find it easy to get used to varifocals, whereas some may find it difficult to adjust to the new pair.of glasses initially. Generally, it is observed that it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get acquainted with the varifocal glasses.  

When the user begins with the varifocals, truly it is not an easy job to view through three different vision correction portions of the lens. The user may experience all or any of the following issues while starting with the new pair of Varifocal glasses:

  • Difficulty in viewing from all the three zones.
  • Distorted peripheral vision.
  • A problem in walking, climbing stairs or on road
  • Unable to judge distance while driving
  • Focusing on objects takes a bit more seconds because the user is still not aware of whether to move eyeballs or the entire head.

Why it is hard to get used to Varifocals?

The reason for the user to find it hard while initiating the use of Varifocals is that our brain is habitual to either not wearing glasses or wearing single vision or bifocal glasses. Therefore, the focus of the eyes is also fixed as per the previous glasses. With the new varifocal glasses, the brain needs to re-program the routine as per the focal points of the varifocal glasses. As the user starts wearing the varifocal glasses on a regular basis, the brain, as well as the eyes, becomes used to the new pair.

How to manage and get used to Varifocals?

The only trick to get used to the Varifocal is to wear them as much as you can. Regular usage of the varifocal glasses will help the user in practicing as well as identifying the focal points of the lens. Besides, never go back to using your old pair of single or bifocal lenses, as this will only exaggerate the problem for the user. Therefore, strictly follow to wear your new varifocal glasses, as much as you can. Whether you are reading, cooking, watching TV, playing, just remember to put your glasses on. It is advised not to drive initially as there could be a high probability of misjudgment and the driver may not be able to focus clearly on the road.

Where can I buy varifocal glasses online in the UK?

You can buy one of the best pair of varifocal glasses online from Specscart and also at their stores in Walkden and Bury. Specscart manufactures the highest quality eyeglasses with affordable price tags. The varifocal glasses crafted by Specscart are digitally advanced to provide enhanced visual clarity. These glasses are already loaded with anti-glare and anti-UV protection properties and are offered free of cost. Besides, you can also opt for the anti-blue light coating on the glasses. The smooth transition from one zone to another is the essence of varifocal glasses that are highly maintained by Specscart at its state of the art laboratory. 

Regarding the quality and designs of the frames for varifocal glasses online, Specscart does not compromise on the quality, colour, pattern, design and brands of the eyeglasses frames.  You will get hundreds of attractive specs frames to choose from for your varifocal glasses. If selecting frames online is not your cup of tea, then try glasses at home to choose the one that suits you.

So log on to Specscart to find out which pair of varifocal glasses suit your personality and enter your latest prescription to get the fastest dispatch of glasses at your doorstep.

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