5 Well Kept Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Try For Flawless Skin

Korean Beauty Secrets
5 Well Kept Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Try For Flawless Skin

Are you obsessed with k-dramas like we are? If you’ve watched K-drama or K-Pop you know how interesting it is and the artists do an exceptional job. Whenever you watch them you always ask yourself “how do they have such flawless skin?” right? We are going to reveal some well-kept Korean beauty secrets that you should try to have flawless skin like your favorite Korean artist. 

As much as they put efforts to make unique content they also take efforts to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Koreans love their skincare. Nobody does it better than the Koreans do when it comes to beauty and skincare. Elders pass on their beauty secrets to the younger generations and the cycle repeats. The secrets remain well-preserved from generation to generation. 

They pay special attention to having flawless porcelain skin. The special focus is on skincare, beauty products, diet, and healthy living. Young girls are groomed from a young age about skincare and beauty secrets. 

Want that glass-like skin? Read along to find out the beauty secrets that Koreans hold close to their heart. Try it out to have youthful skin that will not just glow but also make heads turn. Here are the 5 well-kept Korean beauty secrets you should try for flawless skin like the Koreans do. 

5 Well Kept Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Try For Flawless Skin

Spill The Tea 

It is all in the tea. You won’t find a single Korean who doesn’t like tea, they relish their teas. Korean tea is full of goodness, not just from the taste perspective but also from the health benefits it offers. 

Koreans drink various types of tea like green tea, barley tea, or ginseng tea, and many more. These teas are full of antioxidants that help with many skin issues like acne and other problems. The secret to their youthful skin is tea, these teas help with blood circulation and losing weight. Have a cup of these teas every day for radiant and glowing skin. 

Workout For The Face 

Wondering what that means? There are exercises for the face that can shape your face. And Korean women have been exercising their facial muscles for many years now. Ever observed that Korean women have a unique jawline that is v-shaped. How do they get that you ask? By working those facial muscles. 

Korean women especially are passionate about having beautiful skin and face structure. They practice stretching their mouths like moving it sideways and puckering their lips. Another exercise is to say the vowels loudly with exaggerated mouth movement, stretching the neck upwards like looking up in the sky and swallowing or smiling. This helps with skin that sags and makes it firm. Try these exercises regularly to see drastic changes with your skin that’s dull and lacks firmness. 

Damp Cloth Exfoliator 

Koreans are very serious about their skincare routines. They don’t use artificial exfoliators but damp cloth to exfoliate their skin. They soak a piece of cotton cloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess water and use it to scrub their face. 

This is not just soft on the skin but also a sustainable choice. Damp cotton cloth is soft and helps remove dirt and oil from the skin. Use this hack but don’t rub your face too hard, Koreans use an upward motion to gently scrub the face. 

Steam Showers

Another beauty secret from the land of porcelain skin is having steamy showers instead of hot water showers. Steam as we all know is great for the skin. It opens up the pores and cleans out the dirt from the skin. A quick steam shower and massage works as a facial for your skin. Next time stay a little longer with the steam and give your face and neck and nice massage for the dewy glow and young plump skin. 

Tap it in 

We generally apply beauty products in a swift motion on our faces but Korean women know it better. They apply dots of the products on their face and massage them in a circular motion. They also like to warm up the product by rubbing it on the tips of their fingers. This helps in proper absorption. 

Tapping it after the application is an essential part of the beauty regime, they tap the entire face gently to give it a good massage. According to Koreans, tapping the face gently will help in better absorption and give you that flawless skin. 


Try these 5 well-kept Korean beauty secrets and enjoy flawless skin. These hacks are easy and effective. Add these to your beauty routine for supple and glass-like skin that you have been wishing for.

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