Match Your Jewellery To Your Engagement Ring With These Tips

For most women, their engagement ring is something that rarely leaves their finger and for good reason, as this is a symbol that tells the world you are in a relationship. As you are going to wear your engagement ring all the time, it helps if you can incorporate your other accessories to match. Here are a few tips to ensure that your jewelry never looks out of place alongside your engagement ring.

  • Metal Matching – This is one way to create a coordinated look. If, for example, your engagement ring is yellow gold, wearing a similar bracelet or necklace is ideal; a similar thing with platinum, which can be matched with all forms of sterling silver, while there is the opposite side, which is mixing metals.
  • Matching Stones & Colours – Why not commission one of the custom alexandrite rings for sale at a leading jeweler? This will go perfectly with the other alexandrite jewelry you own, or one of amber or jade. It is a good idea to experiment with accessories; open your jewelry box and start by pairing items, then choose an outfit, put it on and try a few different things. The Internet hosts a wealth of resources regarding fashion and mixing and reading digital fashion mags is a great way to educate yourself about fashion in general.
  • Hand-Made Jewellery – It isn’t only engagement and wedding rings that custom jewellers hand-craft; if you would like a pair of alexandrite earrings to go with that stunning engagement ring, the custom jeweller has all the solutions, and having jewellery made is not as expensive as you might think.
  • Colour Contrast – Of course, jewellery is a great way to add a touch of contrasting color and if you have a range of precious stones of varying colors, you can always add a touch of green or purple. The custom jeweller has access to all types of precious and semi-precious stones. If you have a specific interest in jade or alexandrite, why not have an item of jewellery made?
  • Make The Ring A Statement Piece – Do this by wearing minimalist pieces that do not attract the eye and with a stunning hand-made engagement ring, this will be the focus of attention. Who doesn’t want to show off their sparkling diamond engagement ring, especially if it has been hand-crafted by a skilled custom jeweller, which can happen if you make contact with a custom jeweller.
  • Think Style – Wearing Art Deco jewellery is one way of maintaining a uniformity with your accessories. It could be any style that you like and if you need some jewellery inspiration, Google Images is your best friend and can bring you many fine examples of jewellery of all styles.

Match Your Jewellery To Your Engagement Ring With These Tips
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If you are a creative person, there are many ways that you can accessorize your looks and if you are in need of additional jewelry, do consider having custom pieces made by a local artist. The custom jeweler takes your design concept and turns it into reality. With your input, the final piece will exceed even your high expectations.

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