Motorcyclist Accident: What to Do If You Hit a Motorcycle While Driving

Motorcyclist Accident: What to Do If You Hit a Motorcycle While Driving

Any traffic accident is stressful, but the feeling worsens in a motorcyclist accident.

No driver assumes they will be involved in a motorcycle accident when they wake up in the morning, let alone be at fault.

However, they’re called accidents for a reason. Because they are unforeseen, it’s important to know what to do in case an accident occurs.

We’ve compiled everything you need to prepare for the worst-case scenario of a motorcycle crash. This includes everything from checking on the other driver to looking into a car accident lawyer. Continue reading to learn more.

Check on the Motorcyclist

The first thing to do after any car accident is to check on any injuries sustained by you or the other driver, in this case, the motorcyclist. If able, it’s a good idea to get out of your vehicle to check on the rider.

If any severe injuries are sustained by you or the motorcyclist, you need to call an ambulance immediately. The operator will need your location, so be aware of where the accident occurred.

Even if no or minor injuries were sustained, it’s a good idea to call 9-1-1 for a police report, even if you are at fault.

Remain on the Scene

Even if no injuries occurred, you should not leave the scene of the car accident until the officer excuses you. Leaving too soon may seem like a hit-and-run.

If possible, use the time waiting for the officer to take pictures and record details.

Exchange Contact Information

After every car crash, exchanging contact information is essential. It’s typical for the police officer to assist with this as they will include all party’s contact information in their report.

Don’t forget about witnesses, too. You’ll want to collect their information in case of any legal action.

Wait to Disclose Accident Details

Wait until you talk to a lawyer about a motorcycle accident prior to disclosing any details about the accident. This includes the motorcyclist, the police officer, and any witnesses.

Don’t discuss your injuries, unless they’re life-threatening, or sign any paperwork from your insurance company until you talk to a lawyer.

Providing too much information too soon could negatively impact your legal case. You also might provide incorrect details due to stress at the moment. So, take the time to get your thoughts organized with a lawyer’s help.

Contact a Lawyer

Contacting a lawyer after a motorcyclist accident could help you in the event of any legal action from the rider. Your lawyer will help you with knowing what information to disclose and help you build a defense case.

Be Prepared in a Motorcyclist Accident

If you are at fault in a motorcyclist accident, it’s important to be prepared. Always make sure everyone is safe and uninjured before anything else. Then, worry about damage, pictures, and obtaining a lawyer.

Make sure to act quickly and avoid providing any details before you have a lawyer to help you navigate any legal issues. This could make all the difference in a lawsuit, so make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

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Written by George K.

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