Moving to Spokane? Here Are 10 Things To Do In The City


With homes for sale in North Spokane selling like hotcakes, the real estate market in Spokane is as hot and active as ever, if not more. With low living costs and easy access to amenities, Spokane is the center of mass migration. If you have already bought a house in the city and are all set to move in, here are 10 things you must do during your first few weeks in the city. 

1. Visit the Riverfront Park

Sprawling across 100 acres, Riverfront Park is Spokane’s most iconic landmark. Every year, tourists and residents flock to this park for seasonal community events or simply for a nice stroll over the suspension bridge or a gondola ride. 

2. Take a stroll at the Centennial Trail

This scenic trail takes you to Nine Mile Falls, as you walk past the border markers of Idaho and Washington. The trail runs through urban and rural areas bordering the Spokane River and offers horseback riding and canoeing expeditions. 

3. Visit the St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral, being the most iconic historical landmark, is not one to miss when you move to Spokane. Its Gothic architecture and stained glass windows are sure to awe you during your visit to the cathedral. 

4. Relax at the Martin Woldson Theater

Dating back to 1931, Martin Woldson Theatre is a historic site. After its renovation in 2000, the theatre can house over 1600 people and has a wine bar for people to relax and unwind once the performance has ended. 

5. Tour the Green Bluff

Green Bluff is a farm that’s surrounded by a landscape rife with farm activities for all the visitors. A tour of the farm is a great excursion for the family, especially for the kids. Live music concerts in summer and harvesting festivals in fall are the norm at the Green Bluff.

6. Wine tasting at Arbor Crest Winery and Riblet Mansion

Nestled atop 400 feet hills, Riblet Mansion has quite a lot to offer to a history buff and a wine connoisseur. After a tour of the mansion built by an inventor, people usually visit the on-site winery, Arbor Crest for some wine tasting.

7. Witness the beautiful Spokane Falls

Revel in the spot where the urban world meets wilderness at Spokane Falls. This unique attraction is located in the central business district of the city’s downtown neighborhood. Once considered sacred by the natives, today it is a popular tourist attraction

8. Visit Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Being the only Smithsonian affiliate in Washington state, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture is where you can learn the history, culture, and community of Spokane, something that’ll help your transition to the city after your move. 

9. Have a meal at Mizuna

Mizuna is a top-rated restaurant in Spokane that opened its doors in 1996. Using only fresh and local ingredients, the restaurant’s main offerings include seasonal soups, seafood curry, and much more.  

10. Experience the Mica Moon Zip Tours

Mica Moon zip tours are yet another activity you cannot miss when moving to Spokane. It is an unforgettable experience and takes you on a zip line ride through dense forests. To ensure you are safe, professionals accompany you at each step.  


Life in Spokane is something many covet, leading to increased housing demand in the city. Once you have moved here, you can truly experience all that the city has to offer, including the 10 tourist attractions mentioned above. While there is much more in Lilac City, these experiences are an integral part of every Spokanite’s life. 

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