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Suppose any musical instrument has a reason to be called a folk instrument. In that case, it is the guitar because it is played by many performers, and guitar music is more popular than other options. It successfully competes not only with other strings but also with wind instruments, keyboards, and other means for extracting sounds. But meanwhile, even experts are still unable to answer exactly how the name appeared and with what languages it is but is associated. Some experts see Sanskrit roots here and say that originally implied using four strings. There is a version that the term appeared at the junction of Sanskrit and Old Persian. This interpretation translates as “sounding string” or something similar. Another suggestion is that “guitar” is a modification of the ancient Greek word “cithara. It does indeed look a bit like it. The photo shows a side view of the guitar body. There are constant disputes among specialists about whether it belongs to folk instruments or not. Opponents of this point of view refer to the fact that there is no centuries-old national tradition behind such an instrument of performance. But still, the gorgeous performance possibilities and variety of available sounds devalue these arguments.

Varieties according to the type of housing:


It is easy to recognize because of the wide hollow body. The fingerboard looks solid and impressive. The strings are made of nylon. The old natural materials would have been more authentic, but they are too unreliable and impractical.

The real classics are the rosewood resonator. You can play all kinds of tunes on such an instrument. The only limitation is the skill. The deck is protected from fingernails with the help of a galpeador. It is worth noting that you can even play melodies in the spirit of flamenco.

Electric Guitar

It’s often thought of as an “ordinary guitar, only more powerful. But it’s a very special instrument. It has its repertoire, and the playing technique is different. More often than not, six strings are provided. Electric guitars have come a long way and are far superior to those that originally appeared in the 1920s as guitar accessories. Still, nowadays, you can easily find them on sites like


It also uses six strings. But again, the mechanical identification with other six-string instruments is knowingly wrong. The fingerboard is slightly narrower than the classical version. The construction is thought over so that every note can be sounded clearly and expressively. The strings, with few exceptions, are made of metal.

How to play?

On the Internet, you can find quite a few videos that talk about all the subtleties and nuances of the game. But it’s better to learn directly from those who know how to use the guitar. If you are guided by the video, it is better to choose 1 or 2 channels and move sequentially, from simple to complex, rather than jumping from one technique to another. Contrary to the popular opinion of some “like guitarists,” it is very important to practice from the beginning not only the speed but also the elegance of each technique and its ease of execution.

The first step is always to master the instrument’s tuning – without figuring it out, it’s impossible to extract the sounds you want. Chasing the number of chords is pointless. It is much better to focus on the basic chords that make up simple melodies, both classical and modern, and then expand your skills as needed.


It’s hard to find people who have not heard of such a musical instrument as the guitar and do not know what it looks like. But not everyone knows the names of the parts (body parts) and how much such a device weighs. And the history of the appearance of the musical instrument is quite remarkable, so it is also worth parsing.

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