Must-Have Climbing Gear For Every Adventurer In 2021

Now that the pandemic is slowly but surely getting fixed, it will only be a matter of time before it’s safe to go out and explore the great outdoors once again. There are many activities and adventures to experience once things get sorted out and one that’s always worth the try is climbing.

Whether you do it outdoors or indoors, climbing is a great way to test your physical and mental capacities. Of course, you should first understand that it’s not an easy activity to dive into. Aside from the experience and the guts, you also need the right equipment to make your climbing journey safer than ever. 

Here are some of the best climbing gears that every adventurer needs to have this 2021.

Harness And A Rope

Even the most experienced climbers that have to climb the toughest summits will tell you that climbing without a harness and a rope is a bad idea. These are basically your lifeline as you commit to climbing.

Harnesses nowadays are light and compact, so they’re easy to carry around in your bag at all times. Basically, this is the equipment to where you attach your rope to. A good harness needs to carry double your body’s weight, and it needs to be comfortable to use too.

Most harnesses already come with a climbing rope, so you don’t have to make two separate purchases. Still, it pays to have an extra set of climbing rope at your disposal just in case an issue occurs with your first one.


A helmet won’t protect you from a fall, but it does protect you from bumping your head on sharp and solid edges on your way up. A helmet prevents injuries like concussions, fractures, and even cuts alike. It’s always best to wear one whether you are indoor or outdoor climbing.

Climbing Gloves

Even if you aren’t an experienced climber, you should know how important it is to protect your hands while climbing. You do this by wearing climbing gloves that prevent sharp edges and other dangerous materials that can injure your hand as you are climbing. All it takes is hand injury to put your life in danger as you are climbing.

Aside from protecting your hands as you climb, this piece of gear also gives you that needed grip for many types of surfaces. Gloves are something that no climber shouldn’t leave the house without as it makes the climbing experience more achievable and doable.

Chalk Bag

While the gear on your hands already provides the needed friction for climbing, it’s still best to have chalk powder to keep your hands slip-resistant. Of course, the best way to carry chalk around while climbing is by using a chalk bag. Your chalk bag needs to be compact so that it doesn’t cause any obstruction on your way up.

Climbing Shoes

Of course, you should invest in the right equipment for your feet just as you would for your hands. The best climbing shoes need to be water-proof, shock absorbent, flexible, durable, and most importantly, they need to have enough protection for your feet.

You should take a lot of consideration into picking your climbing shoes. One of the most important factors to look into is the flexibility of the footwear. Keep in mind that you are going to be stepping on uneven surfaces and rough spots, so it’s a must that the shoes bend to your every whim.

Just because it’s flexible, that doesn’t mean that the shoes are any less durable. Climbing shoes are built to withstand many conditions, and they are built to last as well.


Though small, carabiners are an essential tool in the arsenal of a climber. It’s the best way to lock your harnesses in place. Make sure to buy carabiners that are made out of pure steel so that it’s more durable. Data about the weight limit of the carabiners is usually available already, so you don’t need to do much research with regards to this.

Must-Have Climbing Gear For Every Adventurer In 2021

For safety measures, make sure to get a carabiner with two locking mechanisms. There are magnet-locked mechanisms, but we personally prefer screw gate carabiners as these feel a lot safer. This ensures that your safety is already at its peak. 

Investing in these tried and tested gears are a must for newbie and veteran adventurers this 2021. Aside from your safety, these pieces of equipment also make the climbing experience more enjoyable and easier as well. Make sure to buy from authentic sellers as well because buying bootleg equipment can compromise your safety.

Written by George K.

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