Natural Ways to Stimulate Your Appetite

Are you someone who is suffering from an eating disorder or wants to put more weight on their body? While people will look at you and just tell you to eat more, at times, it can be extremely difficult, especially if you have an eating disorder. There are a few things you can do however to help you get the food that you need. There are some natural ways that you can stimulate your appetite to allow your body to want to eat more. At the end of the day, the only way you will get that food into your body is if your body wants. Here are some ways to naturally stimulate your appetite.

Kratom Leaves

Kratom is a tropical tree belonging to the coffee family. It originated in southeastern Asia. Aside from being used for a myriad of other things such as pain relief and improved focus, Kratom also helps to stimulate one’s appetite. How does it do this? Kratom speeds up your metabolism, causing your body to burn throughout whatever is in your system that much quicker. As a result of this, it will need to have all of it replenished that much sooner. This in turn causes you to get hungrier, faster than you normally would. If you are unsure about Kratom still, you can check out this starting guide, to read more about it and see if you can benefit from it. If you want to stimulate your appetite in a natural way, Kratom might be the product for you.


One of the best-known ways to stimulate your appetite and get yourself to consume more would be to exercise and workout. Why does this work? Exercising causes your body to expend energy. As it burns this energy off, it looks for more sources of energy that it can use for fuel. If your body has nothing left in it, you will find yourself getting extremely hungry near the end of the workout. Once you finish the workout, even if you just recently ate, you will notice that your body needs something more.

When it comes to eating after exercise, however, you should be careful. It can be very easy to ruin a whole workout by overeating after working so hard. At the same time, you shouldn’t neglect the need to eat afterward either, as your body needs some sort of fuel so that it can recover and get better. If you want to stimulate your appetite, look to get yourself into the gym or go for a run around the neighborhood.

Eat Less Fiber

Fiber helps your body quickly breakdown whatever food you have taken in. This means that it can process the energy that much faster and give your body the boost it needs. Wouldn’t that mean that eating more fiber would stimulate your appetite then? Not entirely, as if you have a low fiber intake, the food that you eat is not getting broken down into the nutrients and materials that your body needs. As a result, even though you have eaten, you will still feel hungry until your body has had the necessary time to break everything down. Fiber also naturally fills you up more than other nutrients so switching to a diet with less fiber will result in you having a greater appetite.

Drink Some of Your Calories

Natural Ways to Stimulate Your Appetite

If you want to consume more calories than you normally are in the day, consider drinking some of them. Typically speaking, juices and other drinks are full of calories and nutrients that your body needs, while at the same time will not make you feel full or fix your hunger. When it comes to drinking your calories, however, ensure that the drinks you are choosing to consume are healthy for the most part. Drinking some of your calories does not mean to go and grab a ton of soda or beer. Treat your body with respect and do not destroy it if you are planning to go about drinking some of your calories. By doing this, you will increase your caloric intake for the day while still making your body need food to get by.

These are all great natural ways to ensure that your appetite is stimulated. No matter your reason for stimulating your appetite, ensure that you are doing so in a safe and healthy way that will not damage or destroy your body. Be patient with it as well, do not try to shove as much food as you possibly can into it. Listen to what your body says and work within the confines of it. How do you plan on stimulating your appetite?

Written by George K.

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