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Norissa Valdez: an Actress, Model and Influencer

Norissa Valdez: an Actress, Model and Influencer

A 20 year old girl reached heights and got famous for posting videos on tik tok. She gained a lot of stardom and followers through her acting skills. She is an American citizen and has a brother whom she grew up with. Norissa Valdez of Los Alamos High School in New Mexico. Her forte is lip syncing. A tall 5 feet 7 inches Norissa Valdez is known for her beauty and has golden brown hair and black eyes. Valdez currently has about 381,300 followers and 10 million likes on the platform as of the time of writing this article. Norissa is not just her talent in making videos but also how she connects with people who watch her.As a content creator and influencer, she uses her skills to influence the internet positively. People like her because she’s real and friendly and knows how to make content that people from all over can enjoy and relate to.Before becoming an influencer, Norissa played various sports for fun and competed in basketball, soccer, gymnastics, cross country, and track and field before deciding to focus on varsity cross-country and track and field, including pole vault, at Los Alamos High School.She takes an acting class at The Barrow Group Performing Arts Center (2023) with a keen desire to motivate others to be the best version of themselves.


Making Videos: Creating videos for TikTok is not just her job; it’s also a hobby. She enjoys thinking of new ideas and filming them. 

Listening to Music: Music is a big part of her life. She listens to different kinds of music to relax and get ideas for her videos. 

Spending Time with Friends: Norissa likes hanging out with her friends. They do fun things together, like going to the movies or chatting. 

Traveling: She enjoys exploring new places. Norissa loves to travel and see different parts of the world whenever possible. 

Reading: Even though she’s busy, Norissa finds time to read. Reading books allows her to learn new things and take a break from the online world.


1. How old is Norissa Valdez?

Norissa is 21 years old. She was born on December 10, 2003. 

2. How tall is Norissa?

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, or, if you like, about 1.63 meters. 

3. What does Norissa Valdez do?

Norissa makes fun videos on TikTok. She dances, lip-syncs to songs, and shares parts of her day. 

4. Where does Norissa live?

She lives in the United States. 

5. Did Norissa go to school?

Yes, she went to Los Alamos High School. 

6. How much money has Norissa made?

Norissa has a net worth of about $200,000. 

7. Is Norissa only on TikTok?

No, Norissa is not only on TikTok. She uses other platforms. 


She is a shining star on the internet. She has a lot of followers and fans. Norissa shows us that being creative and sharing it with the world can bring joy and success. She has made money and friends by doing what she loves.Norissa’s journey is about being famous and making a positive impact. Let’s keep watching to see the amazing things she will do next. Remember, like Norissa, you can make a big difference by being yourself and sharing your talents with the world. Her hard work and self-dedication pushed her to be a five-time all-state competitor in cross country and track and field. Which ultimately led her to run D1 at UNC-Charlotte.

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