Pistol vs Revolver: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that 30% of adults in the United States own a gun? If you are thinking of purchasing a gun for yourself but are confused about the difference between pistols and revolvers, you’re in the right place. We have put together this short guide to break down everything there is to know about pistol vs revolver. 

Read on to learn more about these two.

Revolver vs Pistol

Although most people use both terms interchangeably, there is a difference. Pistols have one or more integral chambers, but revolvers have multiple chambers inside a rotating cylinder. This makes both pistols and revolvers a subset of handguns.

Pistol Pros

One of the major pros of a pistol such as this 38 super for sale is their high capacity. The magazine capacity, in comparison to a revolver, is a lot bigger. Those that use pistols for home defense or concealed carry on have a round capacity between 10-21+. 

Another pro is that they are fairly lightweight. When they are used for concealed carry, their weight makes it a lot easier and more comfortable to carry around. 

Pistols also have faster reloads, where the average person can quickly reload a pistol compared to a revolver. You can practice reloading with an empty magazine until you feel comfortable.

Pistol Cons

One con of pistols is that they have less stopping power because they are chambered in smaller caliber bullets than revolvers. This equates to less energy transferred to your target, which can lead to a lower likelihood of incapacitating your target. 

Pistols have more parts which means that your chances of things failing are a bit higher. 

Revolver Pros

Revolvers are resilient to harsh conditions such as dust and dirt because they have a simple design and don’t have as many parts as pistols. Also, because they don’t have a lot of small parts, it is easier to troubleshoot malfunctions.

Most revolvers nowadays are also simple to use because they are double action. This means that when you pull the trigger to cock the hammer and then you continue to pull it to fire the gun. This simplicity also means that if you are in a high-pressure self-defense situation, you can react quickly and cut down on steps that you can mess up. 

Revolver Cons

A major con of having a revolver is that it is a lot slower to reload than a pistol. Unless you have plenty of experience reloading, the average person takes a bit longer to reload their revolver. This means that in a high-pressure situation, it can be difficult to react quick enough if you don’t have much experience with your revolver. 

One other con is that they have a much lower capacity of rounds. Most revolver cylinders can house 6 cartridges. 

Feeling Like a Pistol vs Revolver Pro?

Now that we cleared up the pistol vs revolver debate, you can make an informed decision on whether you want to buy a pistol, a revolver, or both. Neither one is better than the other; it’s all up to personal preference. 

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