Property Maintenance Costs In Dubai: Taxes, Utility Bills, Insurance

Buying property in Dubai Creek Harbour or another well-maintained emirate community is an alluring prospect for both an investor who wants to reach a stable and high income, and for an end user who plans to move to Dubai or visit it during their holidays. However, before looking for suitable options and sealing a deal, the buyer needs to carefully plan his own budget. In this matter, it is necessary to take into account many factors, which include not only the cost of the housing itself, but also taxes, services of a real estate company, notary fees, etc.

In addition, the future owner of real estate should take care of their financial condition in the future and analyze the costs of maintaining their property in advance. By calculating how much money he will have to spend on annual taxes, utility bills and insurance premiums, the buyer will be able to make an informed decision about whether this type of housing unit is right for him or whether he should consider other options.

Utility Bills For Real Estate In Dubai

Whether a person owns or rents a home in Dubai, utility bills cannot be avoided: services such as water, electricity, telephone and internet are the basic needs of every family.

If we take separate items of utility bills, then, e.g., the payment for water supplied by DEWA is approximately USD 8,000 per year. For tenants (who, by the way, pay utilities), the DEWA bill includes 5% of the annual value of their lease in a flat fee, billed in 12 installments. So, e.g., if the annual rent is USD 11,000 per year, then the monthly fixed payment for water will be about USD 45. This is a fixed item on the DEWA invoice. The rest of the amount depends on the actual volume of water consumption.

In a building where centralized cooling systems (chillers) are provided, it is required to pay the cost of maintaining and operating the chiller separately. In some cases, the chiller charge is included in the service charge. If a person lives in an apartment that does not have a centralized cooling system, and the apartment has its own air conditioner, this means that the fee for it  is included in the DEWA bill. In this case, the cool air in the room will cost USD 170-190, depending on the area of ​​​​housing. If a chiller is installed in the building, the amount will drop to about USD 95-122. The remaining costs, again, will depend on the actual use of water and electricity.

Speaking about telecommunications services such as Internet and television, add USD 800 to 1,300 to other expenses.

Taxes For Property In Dubai

In addition, the owners are required to pay annual fees for the maintenance of the building in which they have bought apartments. These fees are calculated according to a local index developed by the DLD.

The rate for the maintenance of an apartment in the emirate ranges from USD 0.82 to 8.17 per month per square meter. The size of the rate depends on many parameters: it is affected by the area, on which floor the apartment is located, the presence of a balcony or terrace in it, and so on.

The apartment maintenance fee includes:

  • fee for cleaning in the common areas of an apartment building (doesn’t include children’s rooms, restaurants, gyms);
  • maintenance of the territory;
  • cleaning of swimming pools;
  • security.


Dubai home insurance covers both the building and its contents. Since this is an optional form of insurance, owners can choose the extent of coverage themselves.

Building insurance usually covers damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake, storm or vandalism. Property insurance covers damage, loss or theft. It is important that the property owner checks the policies for any clauses on what he must do to protect his property from risks.

Property tenants can also insure it against fire.

If the owner rents out their property, they can also purchase additional coverage: e.g., costs associated with alternative emergency housing, home accidents, or loss of rent. The cost of home insurance depends on risk factors and insured value, but starts at around USD 500 per year.

Assistance From Real Estate Agency In Dubai

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