Reasons Why You Might Want to Drink Tea

Tea is a prevalent beverage in many countries of the world. There are different types of tea of different flavours that appeal to almost anyone. Although many choose to drink this beverage because of its flavour, health-conscious individuals opt to drink this due to the incredible health benefits it provides. 

Considering that tea has lower levels of caffeine than coffee, doctors usually recommend that people opt for tea as a way to still have some caffeine intake. If this is a decision you are pondering, it is recommended that you know about the diverse benefits of drinking tea, to decide whether this is a beverage you want to drink. In this article, we will provide you with reasons why you might want to drink tea, by discussing the health benefits associated with this. 

Tea Reduces The Risk of Heart Disease 

Individuals’ diet and certain health issues can result in the arteries being blocked leading to heart attacks and other issues. Research studies have suggested that drinking tea can have a positive effect on blood circulation by widening the main arteries and minimising the risk of blood clots developing. Tea is also known to have antioxidants, often known as ‘flavonoids’, which are associated with a decreased development of heart disease. 

Tea hydrates the body 

As you know, hydration is highly important for the functioning of our body. It is crucial that we maintain the water levels in our body to avoid serious consequences to our wellbeing. Everyone should drink around three litres of water on a daily basis, although most people find it difficult to drink the recommended quantity of water as it does not have a taste. Experts advise that drinking tea is a good alternative for these individuals as it offers a source of water that is rich in flavour. Evidently, there is caffeine in tea, therefore you will need to be mindful when drinking this beverage to avoid high caffeine intake. 

Types of Healthy Tea

Although there are many benefits to drinking tea, it is worthy to mention that this will greatly depend on what types you drink. It is important that you become aware of the different beverages you can drink and the benefits they each have in deciding which one is best for you. If you are curious, you can simply research individuals who review different types of tea and check out their blog so that you can find out which one is best for you. The Healthiest teas to drink include green tea, white tea, rooibos tea and Wulong (oolong) tea. Black tea is one of the least recommended ones due to the higher levels of caffeine in this type. 

Tea Prevents Tooth Decay

Not many people are aware of this fact, but tea is a good source of fluoride, which is essential for healthy oral health. Drinking this beverage can strengthen your teeth by protecting the enamel around your teeth and reduce the chances of tooth decay. In addition to this, depending on the type of tea you drink, it can also deliver a great number of antioxidants that fight off bad bacteria that leads to gum disease. 

Weight Loss

If you have ever used social media platforms, you may have come across different pages of influences who promote different teas for weight loss. Although some teas do not necessarily work in healthy ways, studies suggest that drinking tea on a regular basis supports weight loss by keeping body fat levels down as well as increasing the number of calories one can burn. Tea is also a healthier choice than drinking a soft drink or something high in sugar, which will stop cravings without making you gain weight. 

Improved Cognitive Function

Research studies have suggested that some kinds of tea support cognitive function. Green tea in particular is thought to strengthen memory cells in the brain and reduce the chances of one developing conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, which is common in people of older age. 

Reduces Chances of Cancer 

Although there is no current cure for cancer, there has been a vast effort put into research into this subject. Empirical studies have suggested that drinking tea may be associated with reducing the chances of developing cancer. It is important to note that this research is still undergoing, however, there have been reports of reduced cases of cancer in the prostate, breast and mouth in individuals who drink over five cups of tea daily. 

Reasons Why You Might Want to Drink Tea

A cup of tea is something that most of us enjoy having on a daily basis – it is good to know that there are different benefits to doing this. This page should provide you with an insight into why you might want to drink tea and to help you decide on what type of tea will be better for you and your health.

Written by George K.

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