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Rina Palenkova- Everything You Need to Know

Rina Palenkova- Everything You Need to Know

Rina Palenkova Bio:

Real Name: Renata Kambolina

Date of Birth: 18 Dec 1998

Place of Birth: Primorsky krai, Russia 

Death: 23 Nov 2015 

Family: Parents & 2 Siblings

Interests: Music, Dance and Photography

Fame: Artist

First Teen to Commit Suicide After Completing the Blue Whale Challenge

Rina Palenkova was born in 1998 in Russia. She was 17 yrs old and jumped in front of a train to commit suicide, has attracted a lot of attention.She ended her life in 2015 at her home in Ussuriysk, Russia’s Primorsky Krai region.

Among Blue Whale Challenge competitors, Palenkova is widely regarded as a “hero.” Many individuals believe that her likeness reflects her image in the “game” in some way.

The Blue Whale Challenge is a very sad thing that makes people kill themselves and hurt themselves as a result of being fooled on such platforms like VKontakte. This can be seen in the cases of Rina Palenkova and the Georgia teenagers which clearly show what a huge impact it has on vulnerable individuals, consequently making its importance obvious when it comes to raising awareness about mental health as well as offering support to young persons who navigate in the digital world.

Marty, diagnosed via CNN because the woman’s brother, discovered regarding info located in his sister’s bed room prior to her tragic suicide. These protected a taped image of a blue whale next to her replica, sketches of whales with attached cutouts analyzing “I am a blue whale,” and drawings indicating self-damage and farewell messages, frequently in Russian. Rina Palenkova became energetic on VKontakte, in which the Blue Whale Challenge is believed to have originated. Before her loss of life, she published a selfie at the app with a caption analyzing “goodbye,” displaying her status close to train tracks with obvious blood on her finger, in all likelihood a pleasant undertaking requirement. Despite efforts by the train driver to interfere, Palenkova proceeded closer to the oncoming train, tragically ending her life in what appeared to be a deliberate act.

While the exact number of suicides associated with completing the Blue Whale Challenge is uncertain, reports indicate that Palenkova was a teenager who completed the 50th task.

According to the cops, Rina had issues with her boyfriend. Whereas her family didn’t reveal anything about her death and appears to be sensitive to the topic.  It became suspected that their relationship contributed to Palenkova’s despair, main to her suicide. Following the incident, Palenkova’s boyfriend posted on a Russian social media web page, mentioning, “You might not be able to make me feel better. Please refrain from contacting me about it if you do not wish to inflict mental trauma.”

The footage showed her standing next to the train tracks, wearing headphones and a backpack, gesturing defiantly to the camera. Her middle finger appeared to be stained with blood. In line with the Blue Whale Challenge’s protocol, participants were instructed to provide “proof” of completing each task, which could explain Palenkova’s selfie as reported by the mirror, the train operator found the girl was near the tracks and tried to stop. However, instead of avoiding the train, the girl reportedly deliberately walked towards it, leading to her tragic death.


Renata Kambolina made a splash on social media. Unfortunately, she made the tragic decision to end her life by jumping onto the tracks while waiting for a train to arrive at a station before committing suicide and posting her farewell photo It is widely believed that the “game suicide” known as the Blue Whale influenced her decision to take her own life, and that he was with a cult-like group she once knew relationships.

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