RV Equipment You Should Never Travel Without

Traveling with your motorhome can be quite an adventure. Hitting the open road with your family or friends and seeing the wonderful sights that you always took for granted. You get to experience a different method of camping without the absence of some luxuries that makes your trip easier. However, there are several tools and equipment that you will need for this trip and you can never travel without them. 

Read on to learn more about some of the must-have items that every RV traveler should have. 

First Aid Kit

You need your first aid kit with you on your trip. It can be a good idea to have it just in case anyone gets hurt. The kit must have the essential items that will help you treat any type of unexpected and simple injuries. Just until you get to the nearest hospital if needed. You need bandages, cloth, ointments, medical tape, scissors, cold packs, antiseptic wipes, several types of medicine, disposable gloves, allergy medication, and different treatments for bug bites and stings. Remember that first aid kits are very good for non-emergency medical issues. If you believe that someone won’t recover on their own, then you should patch them up until you reach the nearest hospital.

Backup Generator

A powerful backup generator will be convenient for this type of travel. You might choose to enjoy your time alone by Boondocking instead of going to a local camp. This will save you money on parking fees, but you won’t have the electricity hookups to power to your motorhome. This is why you need a portable generator for your RV that will give you the luxuries that campsites have. Just remember to choose a backup generator model that has enough wattage to cover your appliances and devices inside. Also, you should choose one with reliable and economical features that make it fuel-efficient. This means it can last longer for you when you go Boondocking on your trip.

Fire Extinguisher

You must have a fire extinguisher with you. You shouldn’t hit the road without one because you never know if anything in the camper catches fire and spreads. Your priority is fire prevention for better safety. Several trailer fires happen randomly and this should make you extra careful on the road. This is why a decent fire extinguisher can help you manage the situation quickly. It can prevent the fire from spreading and you can minimize the damages to your appliances, belongings, and devices. Also, it will keep you and your loved ones safe if a fire ever started in your motorhome. For extra safety, you might need three fire extinguishers with you on this trip. This means that the bedroom, kitchen, and the outside area will have an extinguisher ready if anything happens.

Multi-Tool Knife

This is another handy item to have on your journey. This isn’t just a knife with two blades. This tool can serve over 33 different functions that can be helpful on the trip. It will save you space and you would have it as a backup if any of the other tools were forgotten. You can use this multi-tool knife as your pliers, can opener, screwdriver, tweezers, bottle opener, scissors, magnifying glass, wrench, and other useful functions. This is one of the best pocket survival items to have on the trip. You will always make good use of it and it can make your life easier on the road. You won’t have to carry a bag full of tools because you will have most of what you need in one useful tool. 

Sewer Hose Support

The sewer hose support is an essential item to have for your camper. Dealing with the sewer hookups for waste can be quite a nuisance. Also, some campsites don’t have a stable hookup for your motorhome. There won’t be any assembly required and it’s quite easy to set up. It will increase drainage levels significantly and it’s designed for eliminating the need for straps. The hose support will keep it level and properly fastened to prevent any accidents that might ruin your experience on the trip.

You need to understand that traveling with your camper isn’t as simple as packing your suitcase. You have several essentials that you should always have to stay safe and comfortable. It’s hard to predict the different circumstances that you might experience on the road. This is why you should always have the necessities with you before you start your journey. Discuss with your family or friends about these essentials and brainstorm together to figure out what you will need to make this trip memorable, easy, and safe.

Written by George K.

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