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Canada is a glorious country, with sweeping landscapes and swoon-worthy greenery. It also has diverse linguistics, with French and English-speaking individuals who add much-needed eccentricity to the film industry. 

So if you’ve been on the lookout for some fantastic films, Netflix Canada does not disappoint. Today, we’re going to walk you through the best titles on Netflix Canada so that you can watch some good movies this weekend.  

The land up north awaits! Let’s get moving! 

1. Les Boys

With a 6.7 rating on IMDB, the 1997 comedy movie is about an amateur hockey team determined to save their coach from being forced out of his tavern. The film explores every possible male stereotype in a hilarious manner. 

The film captures the essence of Quebec cities like Montreal and Longueuil and depicts how vital hockey is for Canadians. The franchise has had three successful sequels to date. 

2. The Shipping News

The film is based on a Pulitzer-winning novel by Annie Proulx and depicts the wonderful coastline of Canada’s east side. A tiny fishing town located on the northeast shore of Trinity Bay is the center of the movie as it serves as the film’s fictitious village called Kil-Claw. 

This is one of the good movies on Netflix Canada and the cinematography is breathtaking as it captures the remote coves and misty hills, coupled with the unique amalgamation of Irish, French, and Scottish Gaelic accents. 

The storyline revolves around a reporter (Kevin Spacey), coming to terms with the death of his unfaithful wife, while his six-year-old daughter is relocated to his ancestral home in Newfoundland. 

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Based on a novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the film is about a bass guitarist (Micheal Cera) and his attempt at trying to win his girl’s affection by beating away the competition: her seven evil exes. The film is entirely shot in Toronto but it captures the raw beauty of the city, as seen through the eyes of its young inhabitants. 

It features many iconic landmarks, Second Cup coffee shops and many more as well as ordinary regular folk neighborhoods. 

4. The Sweet Hereafter

The film is set in a tiny town in British Columbia and is based on a Russell Banks novel. It follows a rather unfortunate incident and the events that unfold after a school bus accident that resulted in the tragic death of fourteen students. 

The film is shot across icy and remote northern landscapes of Canada, which adds to the eerie feel of the film as the town tries to cope with the grief. The film is American-Canadian director Egoyan’s best work till now. It also won three accolades at the Cannes festival while being nominated for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars. 

5. Gunless

We all know how polite and friendly Canadians are. This movie’s plot builds on the same theme. 

Written and directed by William Phillips, the film follows an outlaw from the American Wild West  (Paul Gross) who arrives in a small town in Canada. The locals are incredibly polite, which frustrates our protagonist. The film is a stunning visual masterpiece, depicting the dramatic diverse Canadian landscape in all its glory. The producer took inspiration for the movie from a valley encapsulated by mountains in the Okanagan Country in British Columbia. 

6. Bon Cop, Bad Cop

The movie, Bon Cop, Bad Cop is a comedy thriller that features two cops from different provinces in Canada working together on a case. A narrow-minded English-speaking cop (Colm Feore) from Ontario reluctantly works with a fast-talking French-speaking cop (Patrick Huard) from Quebec. 

A murder victim is found at the provinces’ border, and together they have to set aside their differences to solve the case. The film stars famous comedians Rick Mercer and Louis-Jose Houde and famous actor Sylvain Marcel. The movie was released in both English and French to cater to a broader audience. 

7. One Week

This comedy-drama film follows the story of a thirty-year-old guy named Ben Tyler ( Joshua Jackson) who embarks on an epic journey across Canada after being diagnosed with cancer. 

The film is a treat for sore eyes, as the audience is taken across multiple landscapes from Alberta to British Columbia. 

The visual journey is so stunning that many native Canadians find it difficult also to recognize some locations like Manitoba, Minden, Ontario, and Carman. The movie is a must-watch, as it’s emotional and exhilarating at the same time. 


The films on our list truly take you on a journey to the land with icy, winter wonderlands and green, lush forests. The Canadian landscape is a sight for sore eyes, and we couldn’t agree more. So sit back and bask in the glory of the land of the maple leaf through these stunning films! 

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