Should You Buy a New or Pre-Owned Golf Cart?

When it comes to buying a golf cart, most golfers often prefer to get a new one. However, buying a pre-owned golf cart is highly recommended if you are on a tight budget. Both new and used vehicles have their own pros and cons. 

Aspiring golf players often wonder if it’s worth spending a huge amount of money on new golf necessities. This begs the question: are used carts worth buying? Consider these factors to determine whether you should own a new or pre-owned golf cart. 

Benefits of Buying a New Golf Cart

   1. High in Quality 

Needless to say, a new golf cart will be high in quality and extremely efficient. You not only get new and enhanced features but also get to own a model that can be used for years. More importantly, the latest models are designed based on the newest trends. The flaws and weaknesses pointed out in the older models are fixed, which gives you the best possible design. As a result, you get to be the proud owner of a high-quality, new golf cart model. 

   2. Manufacturer’s Warranty

New golf carts come with a manufacturer’s warranty and can be replaced within the given time period in case any damage occurs. This not only gives you peace of mind but also guarantees the cart’s effectiveness. Most manufacturers cover costs to repair the main parts of the cart, which include body trim, brakes, fittings, etc. Before choosing a specific model, get details about the warranty period and covered costs as every model from your manufacturer. Some manufacturers also cover service costs, which is an added benefit. 

   3. Customization Options 

Manufacturers and dealers offer customization options on new carts, which is another added benefit. If you prefer to own a model in different colors and measurements, the manufacturer can customize it for you. Instead of transporting your cart from one place to another, you can get your model customized at the service center before taking it home. You can either use it in its current state or make it as flashy as possible. At times, the customization options can exceed your budget by a higher margin, so get the exact customization and service costs before you make a decision. 

Benefits of Buying a Preowned Golf Cart 

   1. Low Price

A pre-owned or second-hand golf cart costs less, at times less than half the original price. If you look online, you can find several golf carts for sale, most of which are in perfect condition. Some dealers sell the pre-owned golf carts at discounted prices and give away free accessories to attract buyers. If you look for such deals, you can get additional accessories and customization offers from dealers who want to sell their carts at the earliest. This is particularly beneficial if the cart will be used occasionally and not every day. You can buy a used golf cart for as little as $2000, which helps you save thousands of dollars. 

   2. Guaranteed Performance

Since a pre-owned golf cart has already been used by the previous owner before, it gives a guarantee of the cart’s performance. Some dealers of pre-owned carts also provide a warranty for the cart’s efficiency with a 100% refund policy, which cements your decision of buying a pre-owned cart. While some dealers charge extra to activate the warranty clause, others provide a free warranty. 

   3. Options to Refurbish 

Even though pre-owned carts have been in use for a long period, the design of old models is often long-lasting. The inner build and construction of old carts are usually the same as the newer models’, the only difference being the additional features and outer look. If you prefer the new look, you can easily refurbish an old cart of your choice. Most dealers provide refurbishing options, so make sure to check with the seller when buying a used cart. 

Which One Should You Buy?

Should You Buy a New or Pre-Owned Golf Cart?

The decision of buying a new golf cart vs an old one entirely depends on your budget and needs. While a new golf cart keeps you worry-free, a preowned cart does not guarantee complete safety. Do proper research to choose a cart that falls within your budget, is safe, and can be refurbished or customized. Most importantly, get a test drive of the used cart before buying it. If you still wish to buy a new cart but have a limited budget, you can look into the EMI options provided by manufacturers. 

As you can see, buying a pre-owned golf cart is not a bad idea. However, some people like to experience the joy of buying new things, which often overshadows other practical aspects. If you have the luxury, you can buy a new golf cart; however, if you absolutely need a golf cart that fits within a low budget, buying a pre-owned golf cart is highly recommended. As mentioned, do thorough research before buying one.

Written by George K.

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