Skyline Marvels: Exploring Singapore’s Architectural Gems

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With its gorgeous landscape and urban sophistication, Singapore is one of the biggest names in the Eastern holiday spots. Whether it is a tour with your friends or a solo trip that you have been planning for a while, Singapore is indeed a place for all travel wanderers. 

From the adventures of Sentosa Island to a stroll by the Marina Bay Sands, you can enjoy every bit of Singapore’s beauty with a budget-friendly Bangalore to Singapore flight ticket from Cleartrip. In this blog, we will highlight some of Singapore’s best places to visit.

Gardens By The Bay

With Marina Reservoir in its surroundings, it is beautifully situated in the Lion City. It is a must-see on your trip to Singapore, as you will witness the world’s tallest waterfall there. Furthermore, you can also see a serene cloud forest on your trip there. Whether you are visiting with your family or friends, it should be the first place you visit upon your arrival to the city. 

If you have a few extra hours, you can also adore the splendid beauty of the flower dome, which is decorated with thousand-year-old giant baobabs, olive trees, and many exotic plants. In Gardens by the Bay, you can also enjoy the 250 thousand species of plants.

The Marina Bay Sands

Known to be the heart of Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands is something more than the title of being an extravagant hotel and casino. It is something that stretches the imagination of what is possible. The three large hotel towers that are filled with a gravity-defying sand Skypark create a stunning silhouette against the cityscape.

You can relish the lovely panoramic view of the city from the observation deck. You can witness the entire gorgeous skyline with majestic Singapore flyers to your right and the Supertree Grove gardens to your left. It is a sight to behold as it portrays the futuristic vision of Singapore.

The Supertree Grove

The lofty gardens are a must-see on your holiday to Singapore. In addition to being one of the most beautiful attractions of Singapore, it also acts as a vital ecological purpose. While the stunning attraction is a view to witness for the tourists, it also speaks a lot about Singapore’s promise of a sustainable environment. Visiting the Supertree Grove, you will see how Singapore is urbanizing the city while evolving with nature.

Singapore Flyer

If you want to witness a breathtaking view of the city, consider visiting the 165 meters above the Singapore Flyer. As you go up to the flyer, you will see the architectural wonders of Singapore and its rich tapestry. The view promises a sight to every corner of the city. From Marina Bay Sands to the Gardens by the Bay, everything can be seen from a bird’s eye view.

Bottom Line

While all these gorgeous wonders await you, nothing starts without your ticket to the Lion City. Head over to Cleartrip to book your budget-friendly ticket for a trip to Singapore. Check out the discounts on the tickets on the website for further reductions in ticket prices. 

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