Smart and Efficient Ways You Can Thoroughly Clean A Commercial Space

A messy and dirty commercial space is bad for your business. It will drive your customers away and keep your employees distracted. Whether it’s a retail store, an office space, or a supermarket, every commercial space should be kept clean to attract more customers and keep employees productive. However, since most commercial spaces are extremely huge, cleaning them can be nerve-wracking. You must establish a cleaning routine to keep your interior space spotless as it affects your company’s credibility. By keeping a cleaning protocol in check, you can offer a clean and hygienic interior environment to your employees and customers.  

Consider these smart ways to clean a commercial space within no time.

  1. Design a Filing System

The main reason for most office spaces to look messy or disorganized is an inefficient filing system. Piles of paper and documents piled up on desks not only look messy but also causes anxiety in employees. This is also one of the main reasons for most employees getting distracted. To keep them productive and enhance concentration, design a filing system to arrange important documents and papers. It will also help your employees find needed documents with ease, thereby saving their time. Get additional storage space or design a space that can be used to neatly stack the papers. If possible, digitize the paper documents to reduce clutter. By digitizing the important documents, you can also minimize the amount of paper you use and save money on inventory. With this, you are also taking a tiny yet impactful sustainable step. 

  2. Establish a Routine 

Establish a cleaning routine to keep your office clean and tidy at all times. For instance, clear your desk and organize the papers and other stuff before you go home. As soon as you reach the office the next day, use a disinfectant spray to keep your desk sanitized before you begin working. Encourage your employees or coworkers to do the same. If you take care of these tiny tasks and tie loose ends, you will not have trouble cleaning up the entire space in the end. 

  3. Work Out a Cleaning Protocol 

Assign a tiny cleaning task to each employee and encourage them to finish their task. It not only keeps them on their feet but also establishes a strong sense of responsibility. Prepare a To-do list for your employees and assign them a task. such as vacuuming, taking out the trash, or cleaning the tables, one by one. Shuffle the tasks among all employees to avoid monotony. Remember, it is too harsh to expect your employees to do these tasks. If they are not willing to do it, hire a janitor to keep such tasks in check and go with the cleaning protocol to keep the interior space clean.  

  4. Deep Clean Once in a While 

Once your daily cleaning routine and protocol are in place, consider getting your office space deep cleaned at least once a week to remove dirt and dust from cracks and crevices. The hidden wires behind the desks and spots on walls overshadowed by desks and counters are often overlooked during the daily cleaning routine. This is when deep cleaning should be considered. The cleaning professionals at Southern Cross Cleaning suggest hiring a service that specializes in deep cleaning commercial spaces as they are well-versed with office and retail interiors. Since they are equipped with high-tech cleaning tools, they can deep clean and disinfect your interior space in no time. 

  5. Assign Smaller Cleaning Spaces

Assign smaller spaces to each of your employees and ask them to keep it clean to avoid creating a huge mess overall. The least your employees can do is keep your own desk clean, disinfected, and clutter-free. Get them tiny trash cans to place near their desks as it is the simplest way to avoid a mess. Even if they do not like it, expect them to do the bare minimum of keeping their desks and area clean. 

Smart and Efficient Ways You Can Thoroughly Clean A Commercial Space

  6. Disinfect and Sanitize Once a Week 

A cleaning regime is incomplete without effective sanitizing and disinfecting any space. You do not want your employees and clients to enter an unhygienic and smelly place that is loaded with microbes and bacteria. Your tables, counters, doorknobs, keyboard, mouse, telephone, chairs, etc. are touched and used by multiple people in a day, which can get dangerous at some point. Provide disinfectant wipes to your employees and get the entire space sanitized by professionals at least once a week. 

Since dirty spaces can be extremely off-putting, you should consider these tips the next time you clean your commercial space. The inability to find stuff paired up with working in dirty and messy spaces can create mental chaos, followed by stress and reduced productivity. By keeping your space clean, you can solve a major part of the problem. 

Written by George K.

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