Steps You Must Follow to Effectively Install a Floor Decal

Steps You Must Follow to Effectively Install a Floor Decal

We all will agree with the fact that floor decals are an effective tool for branding your business, promoting your products, events, and much more. Besides marketing, floor decals are used in many other fields like it is used as directional signage in sports events, festivals, conventions, or any other events you can think of. They are also used in places like schools, offices, airports to give direction to people. Aside from all these, some people also use floor decals for personal events like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

We can see that no matter where you place them, floor decals will surely grab the attention of people. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the below steps to install your floor decals effectively and get the maximum out of them.

Choose the Right Surface

First of all, select the right location to place your floor decal. Floor decals can be applied on almost all surfaces like wood, tile, concrete, etc. Try to avoid textile carpets, rubber matting, and marble surfaces.

You can apply your floor decals either inside or outside. If you apply them inside, make sure that the floor is not waxy, rough, or too uneven. Place your decal at least half an inch away from the grout lines and edges if you have tile and vinyl floors, as air may get trapped under your decals causing premature peeling of it. If you go for an outdoor location then make sure that the surface is free of cracks and holes. If present, fill the cracks and holes and wait until the filler material dries completely. It is obvious that you will want your floor decals to be viewed by maximum people but try not to place them near entry gates to prevent people from walking over them with wet shoes.

Prepare the Surface

After choosing the location, it is time to prepare the surface for applying the decal. Follow these steps for getting your surface prepared.

  • Cleaning- Clean the portion of your floor where the decal will be applied with liquid detergent mixed with water. Avoid enzyme-based detergents as according to Clean Link, enzyme-based detergents leave residual deposits on the floor which will make the surface uneven.
  • Drying- After cleaning use a lint-free paper or cloth to dry the floor properly.
  • Remove Grease- Wipe the floor area with a lint-free cloth drenched in a degreasing agent or lotion-free rubbing alcohol.
  • Dry Again- Don’t let the alcohol evaporate; use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe the floor dry.

Besides all these, also ensure that your decal has a strong adhesive.

Apply the Decal

After choosing the location and cleaning it properly, you are ready to apply your decal to the surface. Follow these steps to do the same-

  • Prepare backing- Turn your decal upside down and slowly peel down the protective layer on the adhesive side by an inch. Crease your decal and carefully turn it to the adhesive side.
  • Positioning- Position the decal on the desired location and fix the top of it on the floor with tape.
  • Adhering- Allow your decal to stick on the floor by slowly peeling off the protective layer in a top-down direction.
  • Press and Smooth- Press the decal at the center with a squeegee and slowly move outwards in order to remove any air bubbles present underneath. Use a flat tool, in case you do not have a squeegee.
  • Remove the tape- Finally; remove the tape from the top gently. Cut around the corners to prevent them from getting curled up with wear.


These are some easy steps that you must follow to install your floor decal effectively. Besides installing your floor decal, it is also important to protect it from any damage and keep it clean and dry.

Written by George K.

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