Symbolism of Lily Flowers


Lily flowers are used to show happiness and sadness together. This means that they can be used as perfect flowers for friendship bouquets, happiness at weddings, and solemn for funerals. The main four symbolism of lily flowers include:


Some species of lily flowers are an ideal symbol for femininity mainly because of their shape and different colors as well as the sweet scent. The symbolism of femininity for these flowers dates back hundreds of years, originating with Ancient Egypt. Brides from Greek and Roman were handed a garland of lily flowers, which was expected to be worn on their hair. This signified the promise of fruitful and pure life.

Pink lilies represent femininity and they are a perfect gift for a female friend who may need a boost of confidence.


In the Victorian era, emotions in all their raw fullness were disapproved. Therefore, there was a development of a secret language of flowers known as floriography to act as a solution to the problem of self-expression. The Victorians offered meaning to every flower to help them communicate their feelings with a bouquet.

Lilies were used by the Romans to fill quilts and pillows because of the lovely fragrance they produce. Thus, the scent was synonymous with making love. The cues were taken from the ancients where if a lady received a lily flower, she automatically knew that it was from her lover.

Pink lilies stand for admiration and love. Similarly, bright red lilies are fiery and are used to symbolize passion and love. It can be changed with a red rose in a romantic bouquet.


In Christian weddings, you are not likely to miss white lilies. This is similar to ancient times where white lilies were used as a symbol of purity and virginity. Madonna lily is a name that is sometimes used to refer to white lilies. It is normally portrayed in religious art to symbolize the Virgin Mary.


When you do not know what to say to a friend who is going through grief, you can find it easy to say things with a bouquet of flowers. This was the same method that was used by Victorians. Lilies are not flowers that are used in cheerful or happy moments only. They are also used in memorials and funerals in the United Kingdom.

The white color of lilies represents serenity and peace while the intrinsic and innate transience of cut flowers, which bloom and die, is used as a symbol of life’s passing. White lily flowers symbolize a rejuvenation of the soul. They represent rebirth, purity, and commitment; and this is the main reason why they are chosen as sympathy flowers.

In some instances of mourning, it is comforting when you know that lily flowers can communicate the sadness of our emotions on our behalf.

Joy, Friendship, and Thankfulness

Lily flowers make great ‘thank you’ flowers, especially the yellow lilies. They are a symbol of thankfulness and their bright sunny color brings out the feeling of happiness that will put a smile on people’s faces.

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