The Best Sites to Play Slots

Are you familiar with slots? Even if you have never stepped inside a bricks and mortar casino, you will probably have seen a fruit machine.

Slots are fun games where you match symbols in order to win prizes. They are growing in popularity because now they are so accessible.

Pretty much anyone can play slots if they own a smartphone. They are easy to play, and there are rewards associated with playing them.

Why have slots exploded in the past few years?

There are a variety of reasons that playing slots has become more mainstream in the past few years.

  1. More people than ever own a smartphone

Believe it or not, around 6.648 billion people in the world own a smartphone. Smartphones have developed enough to make playing games easier.

  1. Developers investing in smartphone apps

Online casino operators used to focus on PCs. Now the technology is there, they are focusing on developing for smartphones.

  1. Options to play for free

If you ever went into a land-based casino, you wouldn’t have the chance to play for free. Now many online casinos offer that, so more people can try.

  1. Diversity of games available

Maybe you found a game related to your favourite quiz show or movie? There are so many options now to get involved, and these are luring people to try.

  1. Secure payment

People worry about their safety online. However, online casinos go through a strict regulation process, so your money is secure.

Always check the casino’s credentials though, there is still a possibility for scam sites.

The Best Sites to Play Slots

Guidance for first timers

If you want to get a taste of Vegas in your home, then you’ll want tips. Luckily, there’s not much to learn, but there are some things that improve your experience.

Know the type of game you’re looking for

If you’ve played traditional slots before, then you might want to look for simple slots with three to five reels. Even if you haven’t seen these, they are a good place to start.

Once you master these, you may want more bells and whistles. That’s when you can move onto multi-line, bonus and progressive slots.

Some players like to dive right in, so look for high quality casino sites, when it comes to a variety of different games. 

Check the RTP

The RTP means Return to Player and this will never be over 100%. This is because the casino has to earn money too!

However, the good news is that online slot games have quite high RTP ratios. They are usually over 95%.

Choose a game with a high RTP, to give yourself a better chance of winning. Of course, it is all random but if you’re playing for a while you have more opportunities to win.


One of the best things about playing slots online is that there is plenty of competition. This means that all the online casinos offer great bonuses.

These can come in the form of sign-up bonuses and free spins. They can also be rewards in game for regular players.

If you like free games, seek out the best online casino offers.

The Best Sites to Play Slots

Strategy tips

If you simply want to play slots for entertainment, then all you need to do is find the best sites.

However, a little strategy can make the game even more enjoyable.

These are tried and tested tips that those who have been playing for years have mastered.

  1. Take your time choosing a game

There are so many exciting games on offer that it can be tempting to choose the first one. It might only become clear that you don’t know what’s going on a few spins in.

All games are not created equal. To make sure you’re getting the best out of the game, have a look at the paytable.

The paytable of the game informs you what symbols you need to look out for and what they are worth. Sometimes you can double down when you see these, and have the chance to win more.

Take note of the precise instructions for bonus rounds or features. This will maximise your enjoyment and also make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

If you have time, read some reviews, as they will give you helpful information too.

  1. Don’t ignore lower RTP games

It might make sense to ignore the lower RTP games, but often these have higher jackpots. The bigger prize money is awarded, but less often.

As such, if you’re planning to play a lower RTP game, spend longer on it. With higher RTP games, you can play for less time.

  1. Bet what you can

In many slot games, you need to play a maximum of lines to qualify for the jackpot. In general, the more you put on a spin, the more you stand to win.

You can win with small bets, so don’t go crazy if you can’t afford to.

Where to play

There are so many online casino sites with slots now, so where do you play? Check out the top sites, and look at the bonuses on offer.

You can sign up to more than one site, particularly if you want to take advantage of welcome offers.

Playing slots is good fun, and can be done almost anywhere now. Don’t be afraid to try different games, and always take advantage of free spins!

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