The Best Ways to Preserve Wine

Most large wine bottles contain enough alcohol to fill five glasses. A person may have opened a bottle during a party, but have some left at the end. Once a bottle has been opened, however, the wine will sadly begin to degenerate. It will slowly turn flat, and lose its natural flavor and aroma. 

Both light and heat can pose an enemy to opened wine bottles. Added to that is the issue of oxygen exposure. It’s the latter that results in the wine eventually transforming into vinegar. Many people wonder whether there is a way they can successfully keep it fresh for longer. This could both prevent wastage and save money. Fortunately, there are a number of options, and we’ll discuss them right now. 

Preservation And Dispensing Systems

They can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. People are able to preserve their wine using equipment that combines mechanical and electronic features. Opened bottles are enabled to retain the freshly corked taste. Built-in taps help prevent any contamination arising from human contact, and pneumatic pistons help prevent the oxidation process.  

People who choose such technology often enjoy the fact that the maintenance is usually minimal, as the units are self-cleaning. 

The Power Of Gas

Some preservation systems enable people to serve wine without needing to pull the cork. A special needle first enters the cork. The drink is then poured, and gas is introduced to top-up the bottle. This equipment usually harnesses argon gas, which is heavier than oxygen. A special protective layer is created on the surface of the wine, to stop the oxidation process. The drink can then be stored for a week or even longer. Gas preservation systems are often used with expensive wines in restaurants. 

Vacuum Pumps

These appliances will work successfully with rich, oaky wines. Unlike the previous example, a vacuum will remove the air, but won’t replace it with gas. The bottle will be hermetically resealed so that the oxygen can’t adversely affect the wine. It should retain its quality for a couple of days as a result. 


If someone was really thorough, they would do this after each drink has been poured, to reduce the oxygen exposure. The cork will obviously have two ends: one with wine on and one without. Logic would seem to dictate that the clean end is what should be pushed into the bottle top. In reality, however, it could be contaminated. Therefore reintroduce the end that has already been exposed to the wine. 

Champagne Stoppers

If you have opened a bottle of sparkling wine, it will last longer than some other alcoholic drinks, due to its fizzy and acidic composition. 

Champagne stoppers are inexpensive to buy. Use them to stop up the bottle and keep the drink fresh. It should stay this way for up to five days. Rose is another beverage that keeps well once opened. This is due to excessive barrel aging, a high alcohol content, and low levels of tannin. Either reseal the bottle with a stopper, cork, or screw top. It should last this way for between two and three days. 

Half-Sized Bottles

It makes sense that if oxygen is an enemy of your wine, the bottle shouldn’t be kept half full. If you are dealing with a dry, highly acidic white wine, use a funnel and pour the remainder into a small, airtight container. If it sits in the fridge screw-capped and full to the brim, there will be less exposure to the air. You will then be able to enjoy your tipple for up to three days. 

Fridge Storage

The Best Ways to Preserve Wine

At the most minimal level of care, a person should keep their opened bottle in the fridge. This will definitely slow down the degeneration process. People may believe that makes sense with white wine because it’s usually served chilled. Interestingly, red wine also benefits from being refrigerated once opened. 

General Wisdom

Some people say that a teaspoon can be placed inside the top of an opened bottle to keep the wine fresh. This is actually an ineffective method. Whilst it may cost more, it is possible to purchase smaller wine bottles via the internet. This way, there’s less chance that any wine will be left over at the end. 

As we have seen, there are many different options to choose from, in order to extend the lives of our drinks. They will depend on our budget and the type of wine we prefer. Once the changes are in place, we will be able to enjoy our tipple for several days more.  

Written by George K.

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