The best ways to prevent a virus and germs from spreading

It’s essential to know how to stop the spread of a virus and harmful bacteria at any time, but in the current climate, it might be a matter of life or death!

The coronavirus spreads from person to person and, like any other virus, can also be transmitted by contact with various surfaces. The primary way it might infect you is by your very own actions when you carry the virus on your hands and then touch your nose, eyes, or mouth.

Although there is still much to be learned about this newest threat, thankfully centuries of living with germs mean that there have been plenty of ways developed to deal with the problem and to keep ourselves and other people safe.


Access to clean running water is something taken for granted in developed countries, but it hasn’t always been the norm. The history of proper sanitation is a relatively short one, and just a hundred and fifty years ago, it was still difficult for many to keep clean and practice good personal hygiene.

Sadly, that is true in many parts of the world today and is one of the main reasons that some countries are still blighted by many diseases that other parts of the world might think are consigned to the history books.

What it means for you is quite simple – washing your hands as often as possible can make a difference. There is a knack to it though, as at least 20 seconds using soap under running water is needed. Some people suggest singing a short song such as ‘Happy Birthday’ through twice to know if you’ve been thorough enough.


Of course, there are many situations where you might not have access to running water, where it’s still a good idea to cleanse your hands. It might be when going into or out of a store, or perhaps using public transport of one type or another.

That is when sanitizers come into play, being handy liquids that disinfect your hands without the need to wash them using a faucet and basin. Found in pocket-size bottles or larger public-use dispensers, these products have become increasingly popular in recent months.

Of course, you might be one of those people who is wary of putting chemical products directly on your skin without knowing the contents. That is when all-natural versions could well be the ideal answer, and the best natural hand sanitizer options are just as effective as those that are laden with chemical ingredients that you might otherwise avoid. So you can have the best of both worlds by staying germ-free in as simple a way as possible.

Social contact

Being in close social contact is the way that infectious diseases spread from one person to another. That doesn’t have to mean standing next to someone and talking for a long time, as a virus such as COVID-19 can stay active on surfaces. Unfortunately, holding a handrail in a subway, using an ATM, or touching any surface that many other people have used can be a point of danger.

Using gloves in public might seem strange in warmer weather. Still, it is something to seriously consider if you are moving around in a busy public environment, such as a mass transportation system. However, this is only effective for your safety if you make sure not to touch your face while still wearing the gloves. It can seem to be a difficult thing to master, but with a little practice, it isn’t too hard to get used to.

Masks are another way of minimizing the spread of bacteria or a virus. If you are using an N95 respirator in a professional capacity, this will act in two ways, protecting you from breathing in water droplets from an infected person and also stopping your breath being a danger to others. However, due to lack of supply, these specialist items should be in the hands of the people who need them, i.e., those working on the medical frontline.

Even a simple face covering such as a scarf or bandanna can play a part in helping the spread of infectious disease as it acts as a barrier for anyone who is carrying the virus and can limit exposure for others. The motto ‘my mask protects you, your mask protects me’ has become popular in many countries and is the idea behind the increasingly common mandatory use in many countries across the world.

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