The Common Types of Kitchen Faucets Explained

About 46% of surveyed homeowners confirmed that the reason behind renovating their kitchen was to increase its functionality. With the kitchen being the heart of most homes, making necessary upgrades is essential. Some of the things you’d want to factor in are kitchen faucets, which are an indispensable part of every modern kitchen.

It is crucial to know the different types of kitchen faucets if you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen. With the range of options available, you don’t want to limit yourself to the basic faucet. You can get a piece that will make a statement in your kitchen and still be fully functional.

Here are the main kitchen faucet styles to consider for your home.

1. Single-Hole Kitchen Faucets 

Most kitchens happen to have a single-hole faucet. It only needs one hole on the countertop for installation. The single-hole faucet is one of the simplest kitchen faucets designs that you can consider.

The handle is often mounted at the top to control pressure and temperature. A single spout, on the other hand, emits water through your chosen aerators. This faucet has a curved neck that prevents water from splashing everywhere around the sink.

You can add some features such as flow-control buttons and adjustable aerators to make the faucet a statement piece. While single-hole faucets are usually basic, their availability and ease of installation make them ideal pieces.

2. Pull-Down Faucets

Pull-down faucets are some of the most popular types of kitchen faucets you’ll find in a modern home. This kind of a kitchen faucet has a head that faces the downward position. You can pull this head downwards until a particular degree, although not all of these designs have a free-range hose.

When washing dishes, the pull-down faucet will make the work easier. The extendable spout allows users to reach every dirty spot and rinse the sink without messing with the countertop. Given the features of a pull-down kitchen faucet, you might want to consider it for improved functionality in your kitchen.

Nonetheless, you need to consider some factors when choosing a faucet style, regardless of its amazing features. Your choice of skin faucet should complement your décor for a great final appeal.

3. Pull-Out Faucets

Just like the name suggests, you can pull out the detachable handle in this type of faucet. You can also remove the spout head and drag it in any space you’d want. Unlike the pull-down faucet that moves downwards, this pull-out sink faucet has a spray hose that goes in a straight line towards the user.

The versatility of the pull-out faucet is undeniable. You can wash your dishes easily as you get the high-pressure water to reach places that would be hard to reach with a basic faucet. If you want to fill large pots with water, you don’t have to think about how you’ll try to fit them in your sink.

A pull-out faucet has a finger-friendly button to allow users to adjust the temperature and strength of the water flow. The low-arching feature of this faucet makes it easier to work on it with one hand.

4. Centerset

The centerset faucet is among the types of kitchen faucets with two separate handles for cold and hot water. This faucet requires several holes for installation. It has an elaborate design, which makes it both appealing and highly functional.

The centerset design is a great option, especially for families with young kids. The temperature controls in these types of faucets provide an aspect of safety. Chances of accidental burns with these taps are minimal.

5. Double-Handle Faucet

The double-handle faucet has separate connections that cling on the utility sinks. These two connections regulate cold and hot water. The two handles are either placed a few inches apart, or on one central piece.

Double-handle faucets are often available as cartridge faucets or compression washers. With either of these faucets, you only shift the handle to turn off the water or tighten the switch down.

The taps come in different shapes: either four-sided figures, round shape, or cylindrical. If you want a tap with an elegant look, the double-hand faucet will play the part. However, you need to take care of each part of this faucet as repairing the parts can be financially constraining.

6. Single-Handle Faucet

A recent survey by Houzz established that remodeling a small kitchen costs $25,800 on average. Homeowners spend a significant amount on upgrades such as countertops and faucets. Instead of installing the double-handle faucet, you can choose the single-handle, which will be cheaper.

The single-handle faucet is among the common types of kitchen faucets you’ll get in the market. It is quite straightforward and simple as compared to many other facets. You only need one lever to switch the tap up-down or side-by-side.

When shopping for the single-handle faucet, you’ll come across several models. The only difference between these models is navigating motions and how the system works to control the temperature mix and flow of water.

7. Motion-Detect Faucet 

The motion-detect faucet or hands-free faucet is one of the innovations you can have in your kitchen. The faucets have sensors within the tap to detect movement. These kitchen faucet types can respond to utensils or hands, making cooking and cleaning easier.

If your hands have food juices or even grease, the motion-detect faucet can prove resourceful. You can clean your hands without creating a mess all over your countertops.

The Different Types of Kitchen Faucets Can Improve Your Kitchen’s Appeal

Kitchen faucets come in different styles and designs. When you’re shopping for these essential items, it will help to research more about the types of kitchen faucets available. The functionality is more so the same, but each faucets’ features make them distinct.

Once you know the types of faucets you want for your kitchen, shopping for the right piece won’t be daunting. It would help to get your kitchen faucets from a reliable seller to avoid constant replacements.

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