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The Most Common Types of Nuisance Wildlife in Colorado


When you think of Colorado, you likely think of mountains and the great outdoors. And while Colorado has much more to offer than that, the outdoors and the wildlife that inhabits it makes up a large part of Colorado and its environment.

Every part of the United States has different animals that live and naturally reside in the area. This is because a different part of the United States has different foliage, temperatures, weather, environment, and resources. Many animal species overlap and there are certain types of wildlife that you will find all over the United States, but there is certainly enough variety to make each part of the country unique.

And just like the wide range of wildlife that spans across the United States, there is a range of different nuisance wildlife that spans across the country and inhabits residential or commercial areas. Nuisance wildlife is typically defined as species of wildlife that have the potential and are reported to regularly cause harm to humans or damage to homes.  If you have discovered any of these common home nuisances on or around your property and are seeking Colorado Wildlife Control, you can do so by contacting First Choice Wildlife Services and an expert to help you solve it, no matter what stage you are in or how large the problem is. 

Common species of nuisance wildlife in Colorado include:

Raccoons– Found in most parts of the United States, raccoons are a common nuisance wildlife in Colorado as well. They are attracted to homes and property because of trash, food, and reliable sources to their everyday needs. They have the ability to carry harmful pathogens, so immediate removal is necessary for safety. If they make their way onto your property, they can eventually make their way into your home. If they find their way inside your home, they can cause severe foundational damage if they are left on their own. 

Skunks- The main opposition to skunks is obvious: the smell. But– they can become more of a nuisance than that. Just like raccoons, they can carry harmful pathogens and can become dangerous or harmful if interacted with incorrectly or directly. They can chew like other animals and can cause irreparable damage to the foundation of your home or space.

Bats – Surprising to find in their home or on their property for many people, bats are startling and can carry extremely dangerous pathogens that can be inhaled through the air. Removal can be a complex process, so check out for more information.

Opossums– Opossums can chew through almost anything. This is true for many species of wildlife, but they can cause a severe amount of damage to your attic and areas under your house. They often cause a lot of damage because of their waste and waste materials. If left on their own, opossums can be helpful in your garden or yard, but if threatened or given the opportunity, they can move into your territory and cause damage to your space.

Beavers– Beavers are more likely to cause damage to the area or land around your property, but if you have trees or crops, they can make a significant impact. They will gnaw on trees and crops. This damage to trees can be extremely dangerous for property structures or places where humans regularly visit. If your property is near streams or bodies of water, they can be helpful to the land in many ways, but damage to trees and the land can impact your ability to thrive or grow what you need on the property.

Armadillos– Armadillos will cause more damage to your lawns or flower beds, but they have the ability to burrow under driveways or your yard and can have a large impact on your yard and property.

Squirrels– Squirrels are extremely common to find in a yard with trees or other foliage, but they can cause severe damage to your roof or attic if they make their way on top of your house or find an entrance inside. It’s best to make sure trees do not overhang your home or building to avoid this.

Mice– There are many different species of mice in Colorado, which makes them an extremely common nuisance wildlife. If they find their way into your home, they will chew through insulation, wires, and important foundational pieces of your home.

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