The Neuromodulator Peptide Hormone Thyrotropin

Several physical activities, including development and metabolism, are regulated by thyroid hormones, which the body produces naturally. The hypothalamus releases hormones known as thyrotropin to keep these regulatory systems and the body’s hemostasis in sync (TRH).

Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) performs its primary role in keeping thyroid hormone levels stable. To activate the thyroid gland, the body would produce more TRH if the amounts of these hormones decreased. Thyroid hormone levels may be reduced by the body secreting less thyroid-releasing hormone (TSH) if they are too high. Protirelin, a pharmaceutical peptide mimics TRH’s properties, is accessible, while TRH is an endogenous molecule.

What is Protirelin, and how is it used?

An analog of Thyrotropin-releasing hormone, Protirelin is an artificial version of Thyrotropin. Similar to TRH, Protirelin is a tripeptide of three consecutive amino acids. For example, Protirelin, like other peptides, has low side effects and good biocompatibility.

Discovery’s timelines 

TRH was discovered in 1969 by two of the world’s most renowned scientists, who shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery.

When Thyrotropin was isolated from the hypothalamus of pigs or sheep, it was the smallest known peptide molecule. There have been several research and synthesized peptide analogs, including Protirelin.

What Is the Role of Protirelin?

A primary mechanism by which Protirelin works is by its affinity for the TRH-1 and TRH-2 receptors, which are found on the brain’s surface.

These receptors, which are controlled by G proteins, create signals when they are activated. To make Inositol, an enzyme called hydrolase must first be triggered. This triggers a breakdown of an existing molecule. Secondly, Inositol binds to a calcium channel, resulting in elevated calcium concentrations in the cells. Protein kinase C is activated due to the raised calcium concentration, which in turn causes an increase in the phosphorylation of secondary messenger enzymes.

For this reason, the cell’s nucleus changes its gene expression, affecting the body’s thyroid hormone production, depending on how high or low the body’s TSH levels are at any given time.

What Is Thyrotropin’s Purpose in the Body?

Thyrotropin, also known as Protirelin, is a diagnostic tool for determining the functional levels of the anterior pituitary and hypothalamus glands, which is the primary benefit.

For example, it may be used to assess whether or not the dosage of thyroid hormone being provided must be adjusted. It is also possible to deliver intrathecally injected Thyrotropin to treat depression and
suicidal thoughts.

The peptide’s potential application in treating central nervous system problems is being studied. Thyroid hormone may also play an essential part in the body’s metabolic and hormonal systems.

Depression Treatment: What Role Does Thyrotropin Play?

The inability of the peptide to pass the blood-brain barrier hampered early clinical investigations evaluating its therapeutic benefits. Toxic compounds cannot pass the blood-brain barrier, formed of tightly spaced cells, since it is designed to keep them out of the brain.

The intrathecal method, which involves injecting medication directly into the spinal theca, was used to deliver the peptide in this research (or cerebrospinal fluid). In double-blind clinical research, eight depressed individuals who were not taking any medication received 500 microg of peptide intrathecally, followed by a placebo injection one week later.

Five of the eight individuals exhibited a 50% or more significant decrease in depression and suicidal thoughts after the analysis. Though brief, their comments were rapid and to the point. These findings suggest that Thyrotropin might be helpful in the treatment of depression.

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