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Things You Need To Know About Premade Volume Fans

The beauty industry is booming with innovative ideas and strategies. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries, with a revenue of $511 billion in 2021. Makeup artists, especially, have to keep experimenting with various new products and tools.

If you’re a lash artist, you will know what volume fans are. You can either make these volume fans yourself or opt for premade ones that can be directly stuck to the customer’s lashes. Here are some of the things you should know about premade lash fans.

What are premade volume fans?

Premade volume fans are 2-8 lashes that are glued together at a premade base. Instead of actually making these lashes on your own, you can simply stick these fans to the client’s lashes using glue. These fans or lashes are much easier to use than handmade ones.

If you’re relatively new to the world of lashes, premade volume fans are a better option for you. Premade lashes also save a lot of time during busy hours or hectic appointments since you don’t have to sit down and make them.

Types of premade volume lashes

There are two main types of premade volume fans:

1. Glue-bonded pre-fanned volume lashes: Just like the handmade ones, the glue-bonded pre-fanned lashes also require glue or adhesive to hold the individual lashes together. In order to use this type of lashes, you need to glue them to the client’s natural lashes for a fuller look.

Even though glue-bonded lashes look very beautiful, they can be too heavy at times, causing discomfort. Since the fans are stuck together using adhesive, there is that extra weight.

Also, it can be pretty difficult to seamlessly attach these fans to the natural lashes since the glue can get slightly messy. The adhesive that holds the fans and the adhesive that holds the natural lashes to the premade fans can clump together.

2. Heat-bonded pre-fanned volume lashes: In case you’re worried about the quality of adhesive or clumping, you can always go for heat-bonded pre-fanned volume lashes.

Here, the lashes are bonded together using only heat. Since there is no glue to hold them together, the lashes are lighter and easier to handle. There is no extra weight for the fans so it’s also easier for the client to use and they also don’t have to bother about clumping.

Are premade volume fans good or bad?

There are various misconceptions and viewpoints regarding premade volume fans. Let’s look at some of them.

They aren’t always bad: Using premade lashes isn’t always bad. They help to save time and even develop your skills. Premade fans, especially the heat-bonded ones, let you experiment with minor errors since you can control the amount of glue that you use.

The quality is important: No matter what kind of lashes you plan to use, the quality is very important. Poor-quality lashes can not only make the client look bad but also cause eye problems like rashes and itches. Since different companies make different qualities of lashes, you must do thorough research beforehand to make sure the pre-made lash fans you buy are premium-quality.

Sizes: When you purchase lashes, remember to buy a range of various sizes. Not every client will have the same type of lashes and requirements. The best range will be around 2-8D and 0.07 thickness.

Don’t be influenced easily: Even if other makeup artists refuse to use volume fans, don’t be disheartened. There are many who love to use these lashes. Every makeup artist has their own preferences and so do you! So never feel that you’re making a wrong decision by promoting them.

Additional facts

Here are some additional facts about the two kinds of premade lashes:

 Glue-bonded premade lashesHeat-bonded premade lashes
Damage caused to natural lashesSlightly damagingVery little or none
Ease of applicationEasyEasy
Appointment timeAround 2 hoursAround 2 hours
Materials requiredLess than 50% of the tray a clientLess than 50% of the tray a client

Over to you…

Premade volume fans are nearly 4 times costlier than the handmade ones and for good reasons. Their ease of application, ability to stay glued and quality are what make them stand out more than regular, handmade lashes.

So if you’re planning to try out a little with these lashes and have fun, you must definitely do so! Just remember to buy good-quality lashes and adhesives so that they last longer.

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